Credit: Honey Boo Boo on Facebook

Sadly, the Thompson family  stars of TLC's hit reality show, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo  is still suffering from their serious car crash last month, with Pumpkin having just been rushed back to the hospital. 

Pumpkin, who recently turned 14, was taken to an ER in Georgia on the night of February 9 due to complications from the car accident that the family endured in January 2013, according to TMZ. Pumpkin had recently been suffering from headaches, neck pain, and nausea, which are symptoms of head trauma. 

A rep from TLC says that Pumpkin underwent numerous tests while in the hospital last night. Pumpkin had suffered from serious chest bruises and severe panic attacks after the crash.

The crash took place on January 6, and Sugar Bear  who was driving  has been determined to have been at fault. Also injured in the crash were Mama June, who sprained her neck and back, and Alana, who suffered a headache from hitting her head on the window and has been experiencing post-concussion symptoms.  

We wish Pumpkin and the rest of the family all the best as they continue to recover!

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Source: TMZ