“Hey, Neighbor”: The 15 Best Quotes From The Secret Circle Season 1
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The Secret Circle

“Hey, Neighbor”: The 15 Best Quotes From The Secret Circle Season 1

The Secret Circle might be over (curse you, CW!), but the time has come to put on your Harry Potter wizarding robes and compose a spell. All you need are the following quotes, which we suggest you chant repeatedly until a giant crystal skull forms in your bathtub and befriends you.

Check out a roundup of our favorite Secret Circle doozies from Season 1!

1. Cassie (Britt Robertson) questions Nick’s (Louis Hunter) fashion choices: “Do you own a shirt?”
Is that a rhetorical question? Because, no.
Season 1, Episode 2

2. Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) sums up Nick: “He’s double damaged.”
No other explanation about Nick’s personality needed.
Season 1, Episode 3

3. Adam (Thomas Dekker) eyes Jake (Chris Zylka) and Cassie: “Diana said you were here. She didn’t mention you brought along your pet psychopath.”
Someone grab Adam a Moleskin. He has a lot of thoughts right now.
Season 1, Episode 12

4. Demon Nick (Louis Hunter): “Nick’s not here anymore.”
If it looks like Nick and talks like Nick, it isn’t Nick.
Season 1, Episode 5

5. Jake scopes out Cassie: “Hey, neighbor.”
Okay, we know this isn’t an amazing quote, but imagine it being said by a handsome Greek God with a chiseled jaw.
Season 1, Episode 6

6. Diana (Shelley Hennig) goes boy-crazy: “Before the pizza guy gets here, we’re gonna do a spell to make him hot... And when he gets here, I’m gonna make out with him.”
Sounds like a typical Friday night.
Season 1, Episode 14

7. Adam drops the L-word on Cassie: "I am not afraid of you. I love you."
How... romantic? .
Season 1, Episode 16

8. Faye throws shade at Cassie: “She’s a creepy little Stepford ghoul with dark magic and daddy issues.”
Have to admit, she’s on point with the daddy issues.
Season 1, Episode 10

9. Jake makes magic with Cassie: “It won’t hurt, I promise.”
Yeah, we’ve heard that one before.
Season 1, Episode 8

10. Faye real talks with Adam: “Jake doesn’t do interested.”
He only does ladies.
Season 1, Episode 9

11. Ethan (Adam Harrington) gives a speech: “I’m better at incoherent rambling than speeches, so I’ll keep it short.”
LOL, because he’s a drunk!
Season 1, Episode 13

12. Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy) pops some Devil’s Spirit: “You don’t feel… shiny?”
All the time, girl.
Season 1, Episode 13

13. Blackwell (Joe Lando) greets Charles (Gale Harold): "Charles, still a ladies’ man I see. And by that, I mean hiding behind them."
Season 1, Episode 19

14. Lee makes us LOL: “Voodoo’s a whole different world. There’s a right and a left hand path. Callum practices left. Evil, malicious juju.”
Whoever wrote this sentence deserves a Golden Globe.
Season 1, Episode 15

15. Jake grills Adam on doing it with Cassie: "So how was your first time? Was it sweet and romantic, or did little miss bad girl-bring her nasty game?"
Let's just say Cassie's sheets are still stained with Adam's tears.
Season 1, Episode 17

BONUS: Faye throws shade at Cadam: "I'm grateful that I never have to see Adam bat his oversized lashes at her undersized head ever again."
Hands down, best Faye quote of all time.
Season 1, Episode 18

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