Has Scandal Hid Kerry Washington’s Pregnancy Well?
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Has Scandal Hid Kerry Washington’s Pregnancy Well?

As most fans know, Scandal star Kerry Washington is pregnant — but Olivia Pope, obviously, is not. Showrunner Shonda Rhimes has a lot of experience hiding pregnancies thanks to Grey's Anatomy, but it's a lot harder to disguise a bump when you're dealing with Olivia's pantsuits instead of characters in scrubs. Has Scandal handled this challenge well?

Despite some online articles making fun of the more awkward ways Scandal has covered Kerry's baby bump, when Wetpaint Entertainment asked Viggle LIVE! users if they think the show has done a good job tackling this challenge, 77 percent said yes, "I haven't been distracted at all."

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We have to say, we agree with the majority here. While it's definitely funny to see all the GIFs of Olivia hiding behind lamps, in the moment it never pulls us out of the show. With all the drama and high emotions, we just don't notice the awkward moments.

What do you think: Is Kerry's real-life pregnancy distracting, or have you hardly noticed?

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