High School Student’s “Threatening” Duck Dynasty Shirt Causes Serious Backlash
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High School Student’s “Threatening” Duck Dynasty Shirt Causes Serious Backlash

Duck Dynasty may have taken the nation by storm with its funny (some intentionally, some unintentionally) content about quirky duck call tycoons, but according to NBC 12, one school didn’t find the humor in a tee worn by one of its students. Hunter Spain’s shirt featured popular Dynasty reality star Si Robertson accompanied by one of his many slogans that read, “I will hurt you physically and metaphysically.”

While Si is known for these types of malapropisms, those in charge at Dinwiddie school, which is located just about one hour south of Richmond, Virginia, said the t-shirt was seen as threatening by some of the faculty members. When NBC 12 contacted a school spokesperson, the man told the news correspondent that those who do not watch the show might not understand it’s a joke and see it as violent.

"As a school division, we would like to keep our slogans on student shirts as non-violent as possible," the spokesman told NBC 12.

Hunter’s mother, Edna-Jo Spain, told NBC the shirt was a gift from his ultra-conservative granny, who wouldn’t even buy the ripped jeans her granddaughter wanted to wear to school. Although she seemed to be taking the whole incident in stride, she did say, "For this to be considered as a threat to the school, I couldn't understand it."

Spain said all of her family members are huge fans of the A&E ratings juggernaut, going so far as to say they are going on a Duck Dynasty cruise next year. Now that’s super-fandom!

As for Hunter, he could have made a stink about the whole thing, but he was all smiles as he told NBC why he went for changing his shirt altogether as opposed to turning it inside out as the school had suggested. "I'm not going to look stupid in front of all of these young ladies in the school. So, I decided to get a different T-shirt,” the high-schooler explained.

Where do you stand on this? Was it much ado about nothing or did the school do the right thing?

Source: NBC 12

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09.26.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Marnie Brodersen
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