Hilary Duff: Motherhood is a “Hormonal Roller Coaster”
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Hilary Duff: Motherhood is a “Hormonal Roller Coaster”

Even with a hot husband, plenty of cash in the bank, and boundless love from fans around the world, motherhood can be an exhausting job — just ask Hilary Duff.

The actress/singer, who is mom to Luca, 15 months, with hubby Mike Comrie, tells Us Weekly that, despite her advantages, being a mom is a difficult, often messy proposal, that stress out even the strongest woman.

"Exhaustion is a good one to start with! You're very sleep-deprived. Sometimes you have a crying baby and you can't do anything to get them to stop crying … you feel, as their mom, that you should be able to have all the answers and be able to take care of them so easily."

"But babies don't come with a manual and you don't always know what's going on," she added. "So it's easy to get frustrated and it's easy to blame yourself -- especially being sleep-deprived and on a hormonal roller coaster!"

While she’s been getting support from her family, especially her mom and husband, who watch the baby and allow her to get to the gym and socialize with friends, she says she also wants to be there for her son as he hits his first milestones.

“He started walking right around 11 months and ever since then it's been one thing after another! He started walking, he learned how to use a fork. Those are both really big things, you know? He's popping out teeth like it's his job!"

As for baby number two, Duff has some plans, but don’t expect her to welcome another child in the near future.

“It’s not something I’m dying to rush into. I’m enjoying him [Luca] so much, and now that he’s a year, I’m finally getting to have a life again... I think with two kids that would be a little harder. But we also want to do right by him and give him a sibling not too far apart so they have a lot in common and can be really close."

Source: Us Weekly

05.12.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Sarah Crow
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