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Hilary Duff’s Sweetest Instagram Moments With Son Luca — See Them Here! (VIDEO)

If there’s one thing we know about Hilary Duff, it’s that when she isn’t “Chasing the Sun,” she’s chasing around her little boy, 2-year-old Luca Cruz Comrie.

These two are constantly appearing on our news feeds, and we don’t hate it. Whether they’re having a mother-son date, cuddling, or playing around in a fun video, we can’t help but double-tap each and every snapshot.

Sure, Hilary is currently separated from her husband, Mike Comrie, but that doesn’t mean they’re not co-parenting like a pair of champs.

“I’m separated from my husband right now, which has been a very difficult thing to go through,” Hilary recently explained to Billboard. “But we have a lot of love for each other and we have this beautiful baby.” It’s obvious that the former couple are making their little one a priority, and judging by Hilary’s Instagram, it’s safe to say they’re succeeding.

For your viewing pleasure, we’ve put together some of Hilary and Luca’s sweetest Instagram moments. The result just might make your heart swell. To see which pictures made the final cut, watch the full video above!

Do you think Luca looks more like Hilary or Mike? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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