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Say goodbye to Hilary Duff’s long blonde locks — they’re gone! The former Disney Channel star decided to go for a different look for summer, and her instincts were totally spot on. We’re experiencing some serious hair envy right about now!

The 26-year-old mom went to hairstylist Marcus Francis for a long, choppy bob, switching it up from the longer hairstyles we’re used to seeing her wear. Hil Instagrammed her “morning chop” mid-haircut, and then, the results. We held our breaths waiting for a super short ‘do, but as it turns out, she wasn’t going for anything quite so drastic.

The verdict: Hilary’s new haircut was a solid decision. It’s a cute, kinda edgy cut that totally works with Hil’s style. A+ job, Marcus Francis.

When she’s not getting awesome haircuts (and being a mom to the adorable Luca), Hilary’s preparing to make a return to music and to TV. Her new show, Younger, was picked up by TVLand in April! Hilary snagged the rold of Kelsey, the main character’s BFF, which guarantees she’s going to get plenty of screen time. It’s no Lizzie McGuire reunion, but it’ll do!

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Credit: Instagram