Love & Hip Hop: 10 WTF Moments From Season 4, Episode 11, “Put a Ring On It”
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Love & Hip Hop: 10 WTF Moments From Season 4, Episode 11, “Put a Ring On It”

Things are starting to come to a head as Season 4 of Love & Hip Hop is winding down (we know, it went by so quickly!). Love & Hip Hop Season 4, Episode 11, “Put a Ring On It” picked up with our favorite couple Tahiry and Joe Budden having an unhappily ever after, as well as Peter Gunz and Amina Buddafly taking the next step in their relationship and the Erica Mena, Rich Dollaz, and Cyn Santana love triangle gets even messier.

So, what are our WTF moments this week? Check them out below!

1. Joe proposes to Tahiry and she says… no. “Love is trust, and I don’t trust you right now,” Tahiry tells Joe after his over-the-top proposal in Times Square. Tahiry goes on to say that she feels Joe goes back and forth between bringing girls home from the strip club, and then being passionately in love with her. Joe admits that there is work to be done, but he believes that he and Tahiry are meant for each other and he will wait for her — no matter how long the wait. Tahiry, on the other hand, isn’t impressed by Joe’s grand gesture and says she has “things to think about.”

At the end of it, Tahiry has a tearful moment with her family who came out to see the proposal and told her to reach out to them when she’s ready.

2. Erica Mena throws Cyn a big birthday party and swears to be loyal. Slowly winning her way back into Cyn’s good graces, Erica Mena decides to throw her girlfriend a huge birthday party at the Starlet’s Gentleman Club. As the festivities go on, Cyn takes Erica to the side and tells her what she really wants from Erica in order to make things work is 1000 percent loyalty. She goes on to question whether or not Erica is confused about her feelings for Rich, to which Erica replies that she doesn’t want to take any chances to jeopardize anything between them. She then goes on to say that she loves Cyn and is completely over Rich. Mmm…

3. Saigon decides to “man up” and talk to Erica Jean’s father. After having a conversation about things “men need to do” with Peter Gunz, Saigon decides to finally meet with Robbie, his baby mama Erica Jean’s father, to seek his approval to have Erica and their son move in with him. At first, Saigon was pretty skeptical of Erica’s dad — considering her father doesn’t have a high opinion of him since the drama that went down during Erica’s pregnancy. However, Robbie tells Saigon that he has no problem with Erica moving in with Saigon, so long as Saigon and their son, Steven, are treated well and are loved.

4. Erica Mena and Rich have a lovey-dovey moment and Cyn’s not having it. At the launch of Erica Mena’s Chronicles of a Confirmed Bachelorette sex book, Erica Mena and Rich find themselves talking about their warped relationship. When Erica Mena confesses that she’ll never really get over him because he’s a big part of her life, Cyn walks into their convo completely on guard and unimpressed.

Erica tries to smooth things over between Rich and Cyn, however, Cyn pulls Rich to the side to tell him that she wants him to just respect her relationship with Erica. Erica joins the conversation and things become really tense. After much restraint, Rich goes on the attack, and tells Cyn that she’s only “borrowing” Erica. When Erica tells Rich to leave, she follows him and Rich starts kissing her, telling her that she needs to come home with him. Cyn sees this and says that she’s done, and Erica runs behind her saying that she’s “checking” him.

5. Tara Wallace and Yandy Smith talk about their relationships. Since seeing Peter DJing at Rich’s Dollaz Unlimited event, Tara meets up with Yandy to talk about dating and finally moving forward from Peter. Yandy tells Tara that it’s OK to feel upset and confused, but to also remember that her pretty terrible relationship with Peter will only make her a stronger individual, as her current relationship with Mendeecees Harris is making her a tougher, more determined person.

6. Erica Jean wants to move in with Saigon so long as he’s committed. Saigon has Erica Jean and their son featured in a new music video being filmed at his house and he tells her that he doesn’t want her to go home. Erica Jean then admits that she’s very much open to moving in with him and that they should do the big move as soon as possible. Happy by the idea of “his family” finally coming together, Saigon questions whether or not he and Erica J. are in an official relationship. When she says “yes,” he jokingly tells Erica that he’s ready for them to take the next step… sexually.

7. Peter and Amina Buddafly go house hunting. Peter decides to take Saigon’s advice and move things forward with his wife Amina, including finally looking for an apartment together. Once there, Peter begins to get cold feet when Amina talks about possibly making room for their children and tells her that he thinks they’re moving too fast. Noticing that Peter’s still not ready to make moves towards building their family, Amina leaves and tells Peter to let her know when he’s ready — and for his sake he better hope that she’s still there.

8. Tahiry tells Joe’s mom Fay that she’s over him. Tahiry finally decides to speak with Joe’s mom, Fay, since turning down his proposal. While there, Fay questions whether or not Tahiry is saying no to a proposal or no to any kind of relationship with Joe. Tearfully, Tahiry tells Fay that she’s completely over Joey and is putting their 9-year on-again/off-again relationship behind her.

9. Erica Mena tries to set boundaries with Rich… while flirting. Erica Mena and Rich go back to working in the studio, and Erica confronts Rich about his ill treatment of Cyn and lack of respect for Cyn and Erica’s relationship. Rich tells Erica that she’s not ready to let go of their relationship based on the fact that she still flirts and blushes around him.

10. Peter is letting go of Tara. Peter decides to meet with Tara after seeing her in the club donning a blonde wig (and a new man on her arm). Peter tells Tara that he’s sorry for moving on to Amina without thinking things through with Tara. Realizing that he’s done a lot of wrong and that Tara is moving on, Peter tells Tara that he’s finally letting her go and going forward with the life he’s created for himself. He then tells his former flame that he’ll always be there for her, no matter what.

The Love & Hip Hop Season 4 finale airs Monday, January 27, at 8 p.m. ET on VH1.

Were there any moments from the Love & Hip Hop Season 4, Episode 11, “Put a Ring On It” that had you saying “WTF?” Sound off below!