Love & Hip Hop: 5 WTF Moments From Season 4, Reunion Special Part 1
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Love & Hip Hop: 5 WTF Moments From Season 4, Reunion Special Part 1

The reality stars of Love & Hip Hop got one last shot (well, technically two) to air out all their feelings and reveal a few secrets on the Season 4 reunion special last night. During part 1 of the two-part special hosted by actress-comedienne Mo’Nique, we heard Rich Dollaz call out Erica Mena’s relationship with Cyn Santana, Joe Budden and Tahiry talk about love, and Peter Gunz apologize to his former girlfriend Tara Wallace(for the umpteenth time).

So, what were our WTF moments this week? Check them out below!

1. Erica professes her love, Cyn’s called a “prop,” and Rich walks away. The night kicked off with the messy triangle that is Erica, her ex/manager Rich, and girlfriend Cyn. While Erica professed her love for Cyn, Rich told Mo’Nique that he believes Erica has been using Cyn as a “prop” in order to make him jealous and get his attention. Rich drives the point home by saying if Erica respected her own relationship with Cyn, she wouldn’t have done half the things she’s done with him (including kissing, going over to his house, and even being intimate).

Erica, taking serious offense to this statement, goes off on a somewhat teary-eyed rant about how she admits to messing up, but she’s taken accountability for it. Rich then tells Erica that he’ll be the bigger person and back out of their warped triangle, despite the fact that he admits that he does in fact love Erica. Cyn, witnessing the back and forth between the two, says she does believe that Erica still has love for Rich and even questions why she’s present since it seems that Rich and Erica are only talking about each other.

Backstage, Erica and Cyn get into an argument where Erica tells Cyn to stop trying to control her when she wants to get her feelings out on stage, and Cyn runs off crying that she didn’t sign up to be treated like crap by Erica. When Rich tries to talk to Erica, she tells him that she hates him with a passion and kicks him out of her dressing room, right before throwing an epic tantrum.

2. Tahiry thinks Joe jumped the gun, and Joe is over Tahiry. Catching up with Joe and Tahiry, Mo puts the two on the couch to ask what really went down with the whole “foundation on the pillowcase situation.” Joe admits that he was wrong for having a friend sleep over, but Tahiry jumps in to say that Joe always feels that his wrong can be easily resolved over the course of a day. When it came to the proposal, Tahiry admits that it was hard for her to say no, but she had to do what was best to be happy — even if it meant leaving Joe. When Mo’Nique asks Joe for his take on the situation, he says that Tahiry may have been done with him then, but he’s completely done with her now. He went on to add that he realized if Tahiry couldn’t be with him at his worse, then she didn’t deserve him at his best.

Of course, this pisses Tahiry off, as she notes that she’s been with Joe from the beginning and only left when his bad habits (abusing drugs, women, etc.) were affecting her. At the end of it all, despite not wanting to be with each other anymore, Joe confesses that he’ll always have love for Tahiry as she knows sans family, no one else will ever care for her the way he does, and vice versa.

3. Nya Lee and Erica come to blows. As you saw in the promos, we were guaranteed at least one fight on the reunion special and we definitely got one. When Nya takes the stage to discuss with Mo why she was quite possibly the most aggressive newcomer, she’s interrupted by Erica Mena, who she still has lingering beef with. Erica continues to interrupt Nya by calling her a stripper, and Nya doesn’t take her taunts lightly. Both ladies stand up and begin to throw down, to the dislike of Mo’Nique, who gets hurt in the crossfire.

When the dust settles, Nya tells Mo that her intention was the never get into a fight with Erica, since they’ve both gone through similar battles, and have enough people in the real world tearing them down. With this, both women decide to settle their differences and let the beef rest… for now.

4. Tara talks about Peter’s cheating ways, Peter thinks Tara knew all along. Tara takes the couch to talk about her relationship with Peter and she acknowledges that she may not have considered Peter’s new wife, Amina Buddafly’s feelings in all of this since Amina was tricked into believing that Peter’s relationship with Tara was over. And while Tara recognizes that both she and Amina had gone through the same situation (Peter met Tara while he was engaged with the mother of one of his children), she still believes that Amina was wrong to present her marriage to Peter by means of providing ID that she’s married to Peter out of her bra.

Peter tells Mo that he believes both Tara and Amina deserve better, but he goes on to say that he believes Tara knew that he was sneaking around in their relationship and chose not to acknowledge the signs (coming home late, being gone days at a time) because she loved him. While Tara disagrees, Peter once again admits his wrong doing — like his penchant for dating women while still in an on-going relationship — and tells Mo’Nique that the only two women he’s ever loved are Tara and Amina.

5. Peter performs with wife Amina Buddafly and takes jabs at himself. Towards the end of the special, Peter and Amina take the stage for Amina to perform her new single “Don’t Wanna Be Right.” Peter hilariously takes jabs at himself during his rap, making commentary on his shady relationship techniques and even talks about the dusty soles of his feet (which everyone talked about after the Season 4 premiere).

When Amina took the couch with her husband after their set, Tara notes that she could no longer enjoy the song knowing that Amina wrote it about Peter. She also says that she knows Peter would be highly upset if a man wrote a love song about her, to which Peter replies “she’s right.”

Sigh. Part 1 ends with Mo’Nique asking Amina if she’s scared that Peter will do the exact thing to her that he did to Tara.

What you didn’t see… As we told you guys, Wetpaint Entertainment was invited to the taping of the reunion show and we got to sit in for a portion of the taping back in December. Several scenes were edited out of the show for the sake of time, including a reveal of a secret text message between Erica and Rich that was supposed to prove that the two former lovers were still sleeping with each other! Erica denied that the text came from her and couldn’t believe that Rich would stoop so low to reveal something so personal to prove a point.

Another edit? The Nya-Erica fight scene caused a lot of tension on set. Mo was upset with both gals for getting physical and Nya was almost asked to leave the set when she and Erica continued to verbally trash each other and Nya mentioned Erica’s son in the melee. Also, Joe told Mo’Nique that he would never propose to Tahiry again and their ship has finally sailed for him.

Also, there were some behind-the-scenes action including a visit from Little Mendeecees and a possible phone call from Yandy Smith’s fiancé, Mendeecees Harris (who is still being held in prison), which caused Yandy to hold up taping.

And this is just the half of it. The Love & Hip Hop Season 4 reunion special part 2 airs Monday, February 10 at 8 p.m. ET on VH1.

Were there any moments from part 1 of the Love & Hip Hop Season 4 reunion special that had you saying “WTF?” Sound off below!