Love & Hip Hop: 6 WTF Moments From Season 4, Episode 8, “Girls With Gunz”
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Love & Hip Hop: 6 WTF Moments From Season 4, Episode 8, “Girls With Gunz”

Love & Hip Hop Season 4 saw a lot of hook ups and break ups on Episode 8, “Girls With Gunz.”

Sparks sort of fly after a chance meeting between Tahiry and Joe Budden, while Amina Buddafly thinks over her marriage with Peter Gunz, and Cyn Santana worries about Erica Mena’s work relationship with ex Rich Dollaz.

So, what were our WTF moments this week? Check them out below!

1. Tahiry and Joe have a little run in at Fashion Week. Tahiry called it quits when she found foundation on Joe’s pillow sheets, but apparently Joe wasn’t quite over her and when he ran into her at a Fashion Week runway show, he turns on the charm. Tahiry does her very best to stand her ground, affirming that she’s completely over Joe, but the rapper continues to push through.

Later, Tahiry is invited to a celebration of Joe’s mom, Fay, and her 25 years of sobriety. At the party, both Faye hugs Joe and Tahiry, saying that they three of them are a “family,” before running away and leaving the two alone together. Adamant that she’s over Joe, Tahiry resists, but ultimately hangs out with him for the remainder of the evening.

2. Rich moves forward with Erica and gets a little love in return… Rich calls Erica down to the studio to give her a surprise, which in actuality is a new track for her to record. Erica is ecstatic that Rich is finally giving her a chance to show off her talent, and she’s even more happy to learn that when Peter asked Rich to choose between working with him and Erica, Rich chose Erica. Eric and Rich hug over the good news and when Rich asks Erica to sit on his lap and kiss him, she does just that — despite Erica’s girlfriend Cyn asking her to keep business strictly business.

3. Amina, Peter, and Tara Wallace air out their love triangle. Taking K. Michelle’s advice, Tara decides to confront both Amina and Peter about the lies Peter has been feeding to them both. While there, Tara tells Amina the sad truth that she’s slept with Peter since he told her of his marriage to Amina. Unable to hide from this, Peter admits to Amina that he’s slept with Tara and Amina becomes an emotional mess and walks out. After a some reflection, Amina re-enters, asking for time alone with Peter and tells him that even after all that just happened, he’d rather stay and talk with Tara than console his wife. This is when Amina tells him that she’s not going to take his cheating ways and that she’s leaving him.

4. Yandy Smith learns that Mendeecees Harris’s bail hearing is no guarantee. When Yandy got the good news that her fiancé, Mendeecees Harris, was approved for a bail hearing, the entrepreneur put her business on hold to handle the personal. However, after a meeting up with musician J. Dinero (whose boyfriend was also in prison), Yandy learns that getting approved for a bail hearing doesn’t necessarily guarantee that Mendeecees will get a date right away. Being shocked by the possibility of Mendeecees being behind bars longer than she expected, Yandy decides that she’ll go back to work in order to take her mind off of things.

5. Erica asks Rich if he’s ready to commit. After her makeout session with Rich in the studio, Erica decides to make a trip to Rich’s house to ask him whether or not he’s serious about being with her romantically. Rich tells Erica that the choice is not up to him whether or not they can be together since Erica is the one currently in a relationship. Erica then reveals that she’ll always love him and tells him that he needs to “man up” and make a commitment if he wants them to work out, otherwise they will only have a professional relationship.

Much later, however, Erica sings a different tune when she meets up with her friend Albee for lunch and tells him that she’s over Rich because he’s not giving her any of the love and attention that she gets from Cyn. Albee tells her that she needs to make up mind and decide what she really wants.

6. Amina lays down her demands for Peter to win her back. Since walking out on Peter at the studio, Amina hasn’t been in contact with Peter and it’s been driving him crazy. Intercepting her at her yoga session, Peter tries to apologize, but Amina’s not having it. Amina acknowledges Peter’s apology, but tells him she won’t accept it until he does a series of things which include answering his phone when she calls, wearing his wedding band at all times, cutting down his contact with Tara when he meets up with his children, and her finally meeting his kids. When Peter hesitates to say yes to her demands, Amina leaves saying she’s compromised enough and now its his turn.

Were there any moments from the Love & Hip Hop Season 4, Episode 8, “Girls With Gunz” that had you saying “WTF?” Sound off below!