Love & Hip Hop: 8 WTF Moments From Season 5, Reunion Special, Part 1
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Love & Hip Hop: 8 WTF Moments From Season 5, Reunion Special, Part 1

The reality stars of Love & Hip Hop got one last shot (well, technically two) to air all their feelings and reveal a few secrets on the Season 5 reunion special last night. During Part 1 of the two-part special hosted by Nina Parker, we heard Rich Dollaz downplay his relationships with Jhonni Blaze and Diamond Strawberry; Cyn Santana revealed her new love; and Erica Mena — who refused to be in the building — dished her feelings on all of the cast, and it wasn’t too nice.

So, what were our WTF moments this week? Check them out below!

1. Erica “allows” the cast their “limited” time. At the jump of the reunion, host Nina dishes that Erica has “refused” to be on the same stage — or in the same building, for that matter — with the cast. In a one-on-one interview with co-executive producer Mona Scott Young, Erica explains that she felt being on the special with the cast was essentially beneath her and the path she’s carving for herself. Furthermore, she says people like Cy, Rich, and Chrissy Monroe are only on the show because she’s involved in their storylines and her absence is allowing them to flourish in their 15 minutes of fame.

2. Erica calls Cyn “the victim,” Cyn says Erica was a cheater, and Rich validates it. Moving forward into the love affair that went wrong, Cyn is asked about Erica’s shocking engagement to Shad “Bow Wow” Moss. Cyn says that she was surprised by it all, especially since it happened to so quickly. Rich says he believes without a doubt that Erica was dating Bow Wow when things were going bad between her and Cyn. In her one-on-on, Erica refers to the Valentine’s Day kiss with Bow and proclaims they were still friends at the time. Furthermore, she adds that Cyn was supposed to be there, but didn’t show up because she had “another agenda.” Erica then says that things didn’t work out because Cyn kept accusing Erica of taking money from her, and Cyn was also dating someone on the side. When asked why she wouldn’t want to appear on the show to clear all this up, Erica says she’s going to let Cyn play the victim in order to maintain her sweet image because that’s all she has.

Cyn rebutts that Erica knows the truth and that they didn’t breakup over the money and engagement, but because she saw things about Erica she no longer liked. Cyn further explains that she doesn’t understand why Erica would throw shade about being “VIP” and seeing Cyn behind a bar “where she found her” since she knows that Erica only brought her on the show in Season 4 because her storyline with Rich was going south and she needed a cute girl to stir things up. However, Cyn says she’s not Erica’s puppet and she’s since moved on with her boyfriend, Ray, whom she’s in love with. Ray comes on stage and admits to being around Cyn at a party that Erica mentioned, however, he was just a friend then and now he’s more than that.

3. Yandy Smith (Harris) and Mendeecees Harris talk relationship. In their segment, Yandy and Mendeecees talk over their relationship and how Mendeecees purposely lied about their son being in the hospital to get her attention. Mendeecees admits that he was wrong, but he says that Yandy at times puts her work before other obligations. Yandy says Mendeecees just needs to be more flexible, but he responds that he’s flexible enough.

Moving on, the next topic of discussion is Mendeecees’ ex, Samantha, who wanted to spend more time with their son, Lil Mendeecees. Samantha says that she never had a court settle the custody agreement with Mendeecees, however, she still feels that Mens treats her like a deadbeat mom. Samantha’s mother, Kim, becomes irate when Mendeecees says that he’s been in his son’s life a lot longer than Samantha has. Yandy jumps in to say that she would never want to replace Samantha, but Sam doesn’t feel that way. Mendeecees’s mother, Judy, jumps into the conversation to say that Mendeecees has always been there for his son, and Kim starts to curse — something she claims she never does — because she doesn’t like the way everyone’s making it seem like Sam doesn’t care about her son. At the end of the discussion, the family agrees to saying that the care of Lil’ Mendeecees is a group effort… and Kim still wants Judy to pay to dry clean the suit Judy spilled her drink on.

4. Jhonni opens up on her relationship with Rich. Rich is asked how serious his relationship with Jhonni was, and he says it wasn’t at all. Jhonni says that she fell in love with Rich because he was the first man she was romantically involved with after her boyfriend passed. Jhonni then admits that she’s still in love with Rich, and she even goes so far as to say that she will still continue to work with him, despite his shortcomings — including his brief time with Diamond. Diamond interjects and Jhonni hops off the chair to attack her, but security holds her back. After insults fly back and forth, security walk Jhonni off stage. Diamond’s ex, Cisco Rosado, laughs, but Diamond tells him to shut up and promises to insult him next. Cisco tells her to be quiet, noting that he was the one who brought her to the show, but Diamond tells him it isn’t over yet.

5. Chink Santana and Chrissy are in a “weird place.” Chink says he and Chrissy are in a weird place but will always be friends first and foremost. Chrissy admits she rushed things, but Chink didn’t make matters any better by living in DC — by himself, according to him — with family who wanted nothing to do with her. Chink says he still doesn’t understand why it’s all making Chrissy so emotional, because when they first met, they were just “cool.” Chrissy says she wishes that she wasn’t so cool, so she could’ve moved on when she saw that things weren’t working out the way she’d expect them to.

6. Erica digs into Chrissy. Erica and Chrissy’s alleged long-standing beef comes up, and Rashidah Ali is asked to speak on the fight that erupted at her event. Rashidah says that Chrissy didn’t hit her, but that Erica fell on her own accord. Erica’s video message about Chrissy plays, and Erica says that she was never an escort, nor was she ever friends with Chrissy. Erica goes on to say that Chrissy has been trying to get on the show for years, and when Erica vouched for her, she still didn’t make it and that is why she believes Chrissy is still mad at her. Erica, however, did not mince words, calling Chrissy a “pig,” “filth,” “worthless,” and a “ran through, can’t-have-a-kid-to-save-her-life whore.” Chrissy laughs it off by saying that Erica’s “tired.”

7. Diamond and her dog. Diamond is asked about her decision to move to New York City without having her own spot, and she explains that she understood she’d be living with Cisco when she flew out to New York. Cisco says he never thought that Diamond would actually come, which is why he never accounted for her being there.

Moving on, a fan asks Diamond why she referred to her daughter as a dog. Diamond says that she never called her daughter a dog, and she’d never do so. Diamond’s mother, Lisa, backs up this claim. Cisco refrains from commenting on that tidbit, by saying that kids are definitely off topic for him to discuss. However, Erica was asked about Diamond in her one-on-one, and she says she thinks Diamond is pathetic and “disgraceful” for lying about her child. Jhonni and Chrissy yell at the playback, and call Erica a “bum bitch.” Diamond remarks that she doesn’t care what Erica has to say because she’s a coward for refusing to speak to people face-to-face.

8. What really happened in the bathroom? Diamond is asked what really happened in the bathroom with Rich, and she says that she and Rich did not have sex. Jhonni says that she and Rich had sex in the bathroom during their tryst, so she knows that Rich and Diamond had to have done something. Rich says that he won’t disclose what happened, but Nina tells the cast that while they thought they turned their mics off, there’s actually extended audio of what went down, which fans will get to hear... next week. The Love & Hip Hop Season 5 reunion special part 2 airs Monday, April 13 at 8 p.m. ET on VH1.

Were there any moments from part 1 of the Love & Hip Hop Season 5 reunion special that had you saying “WTF?” Sound off below!