Love & Hip Hop: 9 WTF Moments From Season 4, Episode 10, “Red Alert”
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Love & Hip Hop: 9 WTF Moments From Season 4, Episode 10, “Red Alert”

Things continue to get messy on Love & Hip Hop Season 4 Episode 10, “Red Alert.” Monday night’s episode sees Tara Wallace taking a step in a new direction, Tahiry ending a friendship, Rich Dollaz getting into a messy situation (again), and Joe Budden looking to make the ultimate sacrifice to be with the woman he loves.

So, what are our WTF moments this week? Check them out below!

1. K. Michelle and Yandy Smith give Tara a makeover in time for her date. Since telling her ex Peter Gunz that they’re completely over, Tara has been preparing herself for the next steps to take in her life. Knowing this, K. Michelle and Yandy Smith meet with Tara in an attempt to surprise her with a makeover. Tara then tells her gal pals that this surprise couldn’t have come at a better time because she’s landed a date with one of the actors she auditioned with for the new movie that Yandy is producing.

Tara also tries to bring K. Michelle on board for the date, since this actor has a twin brother who’s also single.

2. Rich tries to separate business from pleasure. After Erica Mena revealed to her girlfriend Cyn Santana that she and Rich kissed, things between Erica and Rich have been pretty strained. While Erica is contractually bound to Rich, the two have been pretty distant since the three-way argument at the studio last week. In an attempt to get some sort of clarity, Rich visits his mother Jewel, who tells him that he needs to learn to separate business from pleasure.

This proves to be a little hard for Rich, however, as we later see the manager flirt with one of the models of his Dollaz Unlimited modeling agency.

3. Tahiry and Rashidah Ali’s friendship comes to a head. Feeling guilty for not living up to her bridesmaid duties, Tahiry meets up with her friend Rashidah Ali at the venue for Rashidah’s bridal shower to catch up. While there, Tahiry tells Rah that she bumped into her ex Joe Budden, and that he wants to give their relationship another try. Rashidah doesn’t understand why Tahiry won’t take him back, and when Tahiry says that she dislikes how Joe tends to post photos of semi-nude women on social media, Rah responds by telling Tahiry that she’s not innocent of posting semi-nude photos of herself. Big mistake.

Tahiry takes Rashidah’s observation as a personal attack and Rashidah expresses that she’s only trying to be a friend — something she believes Tahiry has no concept of as she’s been M.I.A. throughout most of Rah’s wedding planning. Tahiry walks out on Rashidah, who yells behind her that she’s been kicked out of the wedding.

4. K. Michelle and Tara have a double date with the twins. After much convincing, K. Michelle joins Tara on a double date in Brooklyn with twin actors practicing stunt moves. While there, things heat up between Tara and her date and the two share a kiss. Though Tara wants to take things incredibly slow, she admits that she wants to go out on a second date with the sexy guy.

5. Peter Gunz smooths over his relationship with Rich. Things between Rich and Peter have been pretty tense since Rich told him that he was going to continue his working relationship with Erica even after she attacked Peter in Episode 6, “Wife Swap.” Peter admits that he was wrong for arguing with “a troubled young girl” and Rich takes the blame for even putting his friend in the situation. The two guys resolve their issues and Rich offers Peter a job DJing at the launch of his Dollaz Unlimited Models agency. Peter agrees with the caveat that Rich doesn’t bring Erica around him.

Love & Hip Hop: 9 WTF Moments From Season 4, Episode 10, “Red Alert”
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6. Joe Budden asks Tahiry’s sister for her hand in marriage. Believing that Tahiry is his soulmate, Joe calls Tahiry’s sister Lexie for a chat about asking Tahiry to marry him. Over the years, there has been some bad blood between Joe and Lexie, so the rapper believes that if he can convince Lexie that he’s ready to end the games and settle down, then Tahiry will know that he means business. While Lexie is pretty hesitant at first, she’s shocked to see that Joe is ready to be a husband and promises that she won’t let his intentions of proposal slip to Tahiry.

Joe calls over Lexie to help him pick out the right engagement ring and lets her know that he’s got a pretty big event in store for Tahiry.

7. Erica loses her cool over Rich’s new model. Things go from crazy to super crazy at the Dollaz Unlimited Models launch. Not only does Yandy invite Tara, who is rocking a new ‘do (and guy) on her arm, to the event, but Yandy learns that Peter is at the DJ booth for the night. Peter, however, decides that he’s going to let Tara and her “new boo” off the hook for now, since he’s more interested in working.

Unfortunately, what should’ve been a drama-free night became pretty “messy” when Erica showed up to the event uninvited and not only insulted Rich’s new model, but threw a drink at her. At the end of the altercation, Erica gave Rich an ultimatum: either do what he has to do to prove he loves her, or leave her alone.

8. Rich decides to commit to Erica. The next day, Rich meets with Yandy to discuss their joint business venture as well as the “messy” altercation from the model agency launch. It’s during this conversation with Yandy that Rich decides he’s ready to show Erica that he loves her, if only to “tie the Tasmanian devil down.”

Rich then calls Erica to dinner to let her know that he’s ready to be in a relationship with her, but Erica says that she’s had a change of heart and can’t be with him because of his hurtful behavior. At a loss for words, Rich goes back to talking business and leaves while Erica cries.

9. Joe proposes in a BIG way. Finally, the night of Joe’s proposal to Tahiry arrives, and he calls both of their families to Times Square, where a mega screen shows Joe with a dry erase board in his hand with the words “Tahiry, I have one question…”

All we can say is “tears.”

Were there any moments from the Love & Hip Hop Season 4, Episode 10, “Red Alert” that had you saying “WTF?” Sound off below!