Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: 10 WTF Moments From Season 3 Reunion Show, Part 3
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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: 10 WTF Moments From Season 3 Reunion Show, Part 3

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3’s three-part reunion came to a close last night, making it one of the more epic reunion shows to date. Following the brawl that erupted on set, producers got Stevie J. and Joseline Hernandez to agree to give their side of the melee separate from their cast members. Benzino and Althea Heart were also interviewed away from the rest of the cast, but their conversation with co-executive producer Stefan Springman didn’t go smoothly.

Check out our WTF moments from the final episode!

1. Sex tape talk. Sommore brings the conversation around to Mimi Faust’s sex tape with Nikko, asking Mimi if she believes Nikko didn’t leak the tape. Mimi says she was with him when their luggage from the Bahamas was stolen. Nikko asserts that he has nothing to do with the tape being leaked, and when asked if he would take a lie-detector test to prove it, he declines, saying he has nothing to prove to and he’s sticking to his truth. Deb Antney tells Nikko that he needs to own up to his responsibility in the sex tape scandal and Ariane Davis says she doesn’t believe a word he says because there’s no sincerity in his eyes.

Nikko calls Ariane a fake friend, and Ariane in turn labels Nikko a fraud. Mimi tells Sommore that it doesn’t feel good to know that her friends and Nikko don’t get along, but Nikko says he and Mimi are still together, so it doesn’t matter. Ariane says he and Mimi can’t be together since he’s still married.

2. Will Nikko take the lie-detector test? Sommore asks the cast if anyone believes Nikko leaked the tape. Almost everyone says “yes” and Deb once again tells Nikko that he’s lost a lot of people’s respect because he hasn’t been the most truthful person around. Once again, Nikko declines to take a lie-detector test. When asked about the monetary gain of the tape, Mimi notes that her sex tape was the highest grossing tape Vivid Entertainment has had, giving her a lifetime payoff. Additionally, she and Nikko are the first African Americans the company has ever worked with and she’s happy with its success.

3. Nikko discusses his marriage. Karlie Redd gets emotional after watching playback of Mimi confronting Nikko on his marriage, saying that Mimi, like other women on stage, has gone through crazy relationships and has a habit of choosing the same kind of men.

When Mimi is asked if she and Nikko are still in a relationship, she says they can’t be together because Nikko’s married. Nikko says that he never lied to Mimi and has filed for a divorce, but admits to lying by omission. Mimi says she never knew that he was married, but was aware of an “ex” that he kept in contact with. Nikko reasserts that he never lied to Mimi, but Deb jumps in to ask Nikko why he would keep his marriage from Mimi, knowing about her previous dysfunctional relationship with Stevie J. Nikko replies that everyone has something to hide about themselves, but Mimi interjects saying that she’s always been truthful. Nikko then ends the convo by saying that he’s always been honest — except when it comes to his marriage.

4. Are Mimi and Nikko still together? Sommore asks Nikko if his wife had a reaction to the sex tape, and he says that she was furious over it, but notes that Stevie J. was also furious over Mimi’s decision to sell their tape. Everyone defends Stevie by saying he’s the father of Mimi’s daughter, but Nikko brushes it off. The two are asked if they’re still a couple, and Nikko says they’re working on it, while Mimi says she can’t be with a man who is married. However, Mimi drops a bombshell by saying that they still have sex “periodically” because she doesn’t “have anyone else to have sex with,” and she enjoys that aspect of their relationship.

5. More sex tapes? Sommore asks the cast if there are more sex tapes out there, and Yung Joc jokes that he hasn’t made a tape but just films himself. Karlie jumps in to say that she and Joc have a sex tape, but he says that his face or voice isn’t on it. Karlie says that’s not true, and says she wouldn’t release the tape for money but for spite.

6. Are Stevie and Joseline really married? Because of the brawl, Stevie and Joseline never got a chance to discuss what happened with them during the season, but they did so in at a private location. Joseline tells producer Stefan that despite taking off her ring and handing it over to Stevie during the Season 3 finale, everything is well between them and she loves her husband. Joseline also expresses her irritation with everyone wanting to know about her wedding date. but admits she made a mistake about the wedding date, and that it was in fact June 29, not July 29 as she initially claimed.

The couple are asked if they’re really married, and they say they are. Stefan asks the couples for details of the wedding, and Stevie lets Joseline dish what happened that day. When asked to show a marriage certificate, Joseline fakes out the producer, ultimately saying that she didn’t bring it with her. But she says it does exist, and asks if Stefan will pay for it.

7. Benzino gets irate discussing the reunion fight. After initially refusing to speak with production, Benzino and Althea sit down with Stefan to discuss the season. However, whenever the subject of the reunion brawl comes up, Benzino and Althea both say “no comment.” Benzino argues with Stefan, who seems to be giving him an ultimatum of either commenting on what happened or ending the interview. Benzino gets upset and prepares for a physical altercation with someone, but is held back by security.

8. Joseline came ready to fight. Benzino calms down long enough to continue with the interview and recalls making a cocaine reference when Stevie and Joseline both complained about the heat. After that, Benzino says he and Stevie exchanged words. Security held Stevie back, and then Joseline jumped on Althea. Benzino says he doesn’t regret the comment.

Joseline, however, says she regrets that she and Stevie responded to Benzino; otherwise, they would’ve finished the reunion. Both Stevie and Benzino talk about their encounter, with Stevie saying Benzino was a “vagina” for punching Joseline, while Benzino says “no comment” to the allegation. Joseline calls Benzino a “bitch” for punching her, and says she could take both Benzino and Althea on any given day.

Joseline addresses the fact that she wasn’t dressed to “go to the prom in those thrifty-ass dresses” and that she didn’t come to the reunion to fight, but she always comes prepared to fight. Joseline then says that she fought with everyone she intended to fight with, saying that if she had her way, she would’ve caused serious damage to Tammy Rivera and when seeing Mimi, she took her opportunity to fight her as well.

9. Has Joseline’s ego grown? Benzino is asked if fame has gone to Joseline’s head and he says yes, she believes she can do whatever she wants and did so at the reunion. When Joseline is asked if she thinks fame has turned her into a monster, she replies that she’s been the same person since Season 1. Both Stevie and Benzino (surprisingly) state that Joseline needs therapy and counseling to help with her anger issues, stemming from her upbringing. Stevie says that he thinks he owes his castmates an apology, while Joseline says she owes her co-stars nothing since she didn’t start the fight.

10. Why did Stevie lie about Althea? When asked what stemmed the entire rift between the two men, Joseline says she believes it all happened because of Stevie sleeping with Althea. Stevie is asked why he never came forward about his past with Althea, and he says it’s because he didn’t want to hurt Joseline, but Stefan reveals that it may have to do with the fact that it occurred while he was still dating Joseline.

Benzino says that can’t be it, since Joseline and Stevie were cheating on each other. Stevie says the root of the problem is Benzino’s disrespect for Joseline, to which Benzino says Joseline has been the number one issue because of the disrespect she has for Stevie and everyone around him.

Both men end their segments by saying that the bromance that is “Sleaze and Zino” has officially come to an end.

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