Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: 3 Reason Why Rasheeda Frost Should Leave Her Husband Kirk Frost
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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: 3 Reason Why Rasheeda Frost Should Leave Her Husband Kirk Frost

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reality stars Rasheeda and Kirk Frost really gave fans an inside look at their not-so-perfect marriage on Season 2 of the hit VH1 show. Their relationship definitely hit a snag, and when Kirk made his very public display of absolute betrayal, we immediately hopped on the “ditch Kirk” bandwagon. Here’s three reasons why we think Rasheeda should leave her husband Kirk.

1. Kirk cheated on Rasheeda… publicly.

Now, we’re not saying that just because a man cheats, a woman should leave him. We’re not saying that all because sometimes a couple can work through infidelities. But the fact that Kirk not only cheated on Rasheeda (who was pregnant at the time) with two women, but allowed VH1’s cameras to capture the whole dirty deed for the show says two things about him: 1. he doesn’t care and 2. he doesn’t care.

2. Kirk wanted Rasheeda to have an abortion.

When Rasheeda tells her husband that she’s pregnant with their baby, he has a fit and tells her it isn’t the right time to have a child. He went on to suggest that she have an abortion because he couldn’t handle being a dad again if he was the actual father. Clearly this man is selfish and women like Rasheeda do not need to be with selfish men like Kirk.

3. Kirk can’t keep his stories straight.

Since the airing of the reunion show, it appears that Kirk has been flip-flopping on whether or not he actually cheated on his wife. First, he says that Rasheeda knows why he cheated, which in essence is an admission of guilt. But then, he backpedals and says that he didn’t cheat at all! Instead, he says that it was a lot of the editing done by VH1’s cameras to give the appearance of infidelity, though his rumored mistress, Mary Jane, would beg to differ.

At this point, Kirk seems to be pretty insensitive to his wife and thinks solely about himself. If it was up to us, Rasheeda would’ve signed on the dotted line!

Do you think Rasheeda Frost should divorce her husband Kirk or should they work it out? Tell us below!

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