Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: 8 WTF Moments From Season 3, Episode 17, “Over and Out”
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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: 8 WTF Moments From Season 3, Episode 17, “Over and Out”

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 officially came to an end (sort of, reunion shows anyone?) last night, and boy did it deliver. We saw best friends Stevie J. and Benzino’s friendship take a turn for the worse because of Joseline Hernandez’s rumored cheating ways and threats toward Althea Heart, Tammy Rivera and husband Waka Flocka Flame hit a major setback in trying to start a family, and Mimi Faust reached her breaking point.

So what were our WTF moments this week? Check them out below!

1. Althea and Zino push back their wedding. Althea and Benzino make moves to send out invitations for their upcoming wedding, but as it turns out, the couple haven’t even created a guest list. Althea asks Zi if he’s worked out the situation with Stevie J. being his best man, and Benzino says he’s not sure if his best friend will even be there because of Joseline’s attitude. Althea then tells Benzino that Joseline has continued to make threats against her, even after Benzino hopped online to blast Joseline for her past and (rumored) current affairs. Althea tells Zi that she feels like there’s too much going on at the moment, and she wants to push the wedding back by a month. Benzino concedes to postponing the wedding, which makes Althea happy.

2. Mimi confronts Nikko about all the drama. Mimi meets Nikko at the studio (where he’s recording “Shower Rod”) to confront him about the information she got from Nikko’s former best friend, Johnny Chrome. Nikko tells Mimi he’s filed for divorce from his wife, so they should be able to move forward. Mimi tells Nikko she doesn’t care about his marriage and is more concerned about the revelation that Nikko may have secretly taped her before their tape was leaked. Nikko tells Mimi that Johnny’s spreading lies, but Mimi isn’t hearing it. Growing angry, Mimi tells Nikko that he’s nothing and Nikko tells Mimi that if she can’t respect him, she has to leave. Mimi tells Nikko that he messed with the wrong woman and storms out.

3. Benzino gets the dirt on Joseline. Rasheeda Frost is doing her first pop-up launch for her makeup line, Poiz, and invites part of the crew, including Benzino, Karlie Redd, and Erica Dixon. One of the guests, Fly Dantoni, pulls Benzino aside to tell him he doesn’t appreciate Benzino putting his name in the media alongside the guys that Joseline has “smashed.” Fly says that while he didn’t smash J, he knows someone who has — Joseline’s driver, Rich, who also joins in on the convo. Rich tells Benzino that he’s been sleeping with Joseline for about three months, and that he’s not the only one she’s seeing. He tells Benzino that as Joseline’s driver, he takes her to various mens’ homes in the middle of the night or whenever Stevie isn’t home and brings her back at certain times to keep Stevie from being suspicious. Benzino tells Rich to come clean to Stevie, but eventually decides to do it himself.

Unbeknownst to Benzino, Karlie hears Benzino talking to Fly Dantoni and upon leaving the event with Erica, texts Joseline that she’s heard some interesting information that Joseline needs to know.

4. Stevie J. and Benzino try to clear the air. Stevie J. tells Benzino he has to meet with him, and the two men have a chat over the latest shenanigans regarding Althea, Joseline, and Benzino. Stevie tells Benzino he understands that his friend may have acted out on Instagram for a reason, but he thinks that the women should handle themselves and the men should stay out of it. Benzino agrees; however, he doesn’t want Joseline to make good on her violent threats to his fianceé and he says he will protect her at all costs. Stevie tells Benzino that he will “handle” Joseline and adds that he did sleep with Althea one time. Zino says that he knows and understands that Stevie didn’t confess because of Joseline. In turn, Zino tells Stevie that he’s heard from the horse’s mouth about Joseline’s ways. Stevie says he doesn’t believe it, but will confront Joseline about it soon.

5. Tammy and Waka try to make a baby. After having a conversation with Waka about getting his baby-making parts checked out, Tammy takes her hubby to the fertility clinic. When the results are in, the doctor tells Waka that he has a low sperm count, which could be due to low testosterone levels from past medications and health complications. The doctor says it may be difficult for Waka and Tammy to conceive a baby naturally. However, all is not lost. The physician tells the couple that there’s still a couple more tests to be run on Tammy’s fallopian tubes, and by giving Waka hormone treatment, they can very well be on their way to having a baby in the future. Both Tammy and Waka are upset by the news, but the couple remains hopeful.

6. Stevie confronts Joseline. Stevie goes home to confront Joseline about the information that Benzino told him, but Joseline jumps at the hitmaker before he can even speak. She tells him that his friend Benzino will be the ruin of their relationship. Joseline tells Stevie she knows that he’s sleeping around; Stevie says that the word on the street is that Joseline’s been the one sleeping around. Joseline tells Stevie that he hurts her by mentally draining her and takes things away from her when he’s upset with her. Stevie tells Joseline that she’s lost respect for him after all he’s done for her. Joseline admits she doesn’t respect him for taking Benzino’s word and threatens to beat Benzino down when she next sees him. The two continue to throw words at each other until finally Stevie tells Joseline to give him back the rings that he bought her. Joseline tells him that he can have both rings and the she’s completely over him, but Stevie tells her that she’ll never be over him.

7. The Wrap Up. Lil Scrappy hits the studio with his mother, Momma Dee, to record her new single, “I Deserve.” He says Momma Dee is making tons of changes and that he and Bambi are trying to make things work; he’s looking forward to being a one-woman man. Tammy says she and Waka will continue trying for a baby, and Karlie is hell-bent on making her song, “Heartbreakers,” which she says is solely hers, a hit. Joseline, of course, says that she’s focused on being a star — with or without Stevie. Mimi is over the mistakes she’s made with the men in her life and is done with Nikko; however, she still has to work with him for the sake of doing press for their sex tape. As for Stevie, he’s focusing on himself, making music, and learning to find those he can trust.

8. Stevie tells Mimi he’s there for her. Mimi calls Stevie and the two meet to talk. Mimi tells Stevie she’s been through a lot and now she has no one to talk to as both her parents are deceased and her boyfriend is a married man. Stevie tells Mimi he tried to warn her about the “scumbag,” but Mimi responds by saying Joseline’s just as much of an opportunist. Mimi then says Stevie owes her an apology for all the hurt that he’s caused, and Stevie agrees, saying that he never meant to hurt Mimi and that through it all, he still loves her. Mimi breaks down in tears, finally getting a chance to reflect on all she’s been through, and Stevie tells her that she doesn’t have to cry because he’s there for her and that the universe will take care of them both.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 reunion show part one airs Monday, August 25, at 8 p.m. ET on VH1.

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