Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: 9 WTF Moments From Season 3’s Reunion Show, Part 2
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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: 9 WTF Moments From Season 3’s Reunion Show, Part 2

Picking up right where we left off, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Season 3 Reunion Show, Part 2 captured a great deal of the brawling behavior of its stars. After security calmed things down — removing the audience and stars Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J. from the set — the rest of the cast gave their real feelings about what went down.

So what were our WTF moments this week? Check them out below!

1. Things hit the fan. During taping, Benzino and fianceé Althea Heart make a crack at Joseline and Stevie’s drug habits. Stevie takes offense and walks over to Benzino, with Joseline in tow. Security is able to hold Stevie back from attacking Benzino, but Joseline manages to throw a fist at a sitting Althea. The ladies scuffle on the couch, and Benzino is able to make his way in between them to protect his lady. Security and production keep the four apart for some time, but Althea and Joseline get into yet another scuffle backstage.

2. Joseline changes targets. Security guards are able to secure Althea and Benzino, but have forgotten about Joseline, who makes a beeline for her next Season 3 nemesis, Tammy Rivera. The two women square off, and though Tammy is being held back by security, she somehow manages to get away long enough to grab a few bottles of Ciroc to throw at her foe.

3. The calm after the storm. Stevie and Joseline are removed from the building, and Benzino and Althea decide to leave the taping all together. The rest of the cast gather around host Sommore to discuss the moment that escalated the tension (aka Stevie J. leaking nude photos of Althea online) between the two couples.

4. The cast gives their interpretation. Momma Dee is in disbelief of what just happened, while Sommore says she’s amazed to see Joseline go from zero to 60 at the drop of a dime. Erica Dixon, Lil Scrappy, Karlie Redd, Kirk, and Rasheeda Frost give their own two cents on what went down. Erica D. says she thinks Joseline came prepared to fight. Momma Dee talks about witnessing Joseline attack Tammy and seeing Tammy’s mother-in-law, Deb Antney, jumping in to protect her.

Karlie says that she’s had her own run-ins with Joseline, but for the most part she tries to stay clear of Joseline’s rage. Sommore addresses the Benzino’s accusations that Joseline is on drugs, and Joseline’s former booking agent, Dawn, says she believes it’s one of the problems with her behavior. Yung Joc jumps in to say the only drug Joseline is on is fame. Several cast members concur, with Momma Dee saying that the show has created a monster that needs to be dealt with.

Rasheeda says that she can’t believe the Benzino/Althea/Stevie/Joseline beef has gotten to the point of physical altercation and calls it an embarrassment, and Kirk believes that the confrontation between Benzino and Stevie is the last straw in their friendship.

5. More backstage fighting. Tammy, Deb, Mimi Faust, and Ariane Davis return to the set, and Mimi recounts the fight that happened between her and Joseline. She says that while they were trying to clear the stage during the previous fight, Mimi and Ariane passed Joseline and Stevie on the stairs, at which point Joseline swung at Mimi. Both ladies commenced hair pulling until security guards pulled the ladies apart.

Sommore asks Nikko where he was in the middle of the Mimi/Joseline melee, and he reveals security whisked him away the moment the fight started on stage. When Sommore asks him if he was worried for Mimi, Nikko says yes, but Ariane says she doesn’t believe it considering he didn’t think twice to look for Mimi. Kirk tells Sommore that had it been him, he’d make sure Rasheeda was near him.

Tammy also recollects a run-in with Joseline, saying that she was sitting next to Bambi when Joseline approached her, took a swing, and then pulled Tammy’s ponytail off. Deb had to step in and become physical with Joseline to make sure Tammy was safe. Deb goes on to say that she felt like it was The Exorcist on stage, because Joseline didn’t appear to be herself, adding that she believes there needs to be mandatory drug testing.

The cast all agree it’s highly probable Joseline is abusing substances, and Momma Dee says she believes Joseline needs an intervention. When Mimi’s asked if she thinks Stevie, who she shares a daughter with, is a abusing drugs, she says “no comment.”

6. Tammy vs. Joseline. Tammy talks about her scene with Joseline, in which Joseline made snide comments about Tammy’s engagement to Waka Flocka Flame and her skills as a stylist. Tammy says she’s above Joseline’s cheap shots and reveals that she was upset with herself for allowing Joseline make her resort to petty banter. Deb says Joseline is insanely territorial and can’t handle other women in her presence. Mimi and Rasheeda jump in, saying Joseline’s insecure.

7. Is Joseline abusing drugs? The subject of drug abuse comes up yet again when Sommore asks Joseline’s former friend, Dawn, for her analysis on the situation. Dawn says Joseline’s always been territorial and, coupled with her troubled background, is a deeply flawed individual. Dawn says she has witnessed Joseline abuse drugs, starting with marijuana and escalating to harder drugs once she shacked up with Stevie J.

8. Are Stevie and Joseline married? Dawn says she knows for a fact that the couple aren’t married, citing a conversation she had with Joseline after Benzino made Stevie and Joseline’s marriage the cover story of his magazine Hip Hop Weekly. Dawn says that Joseline was insanely “broken” when Stevie gave both Joseline and his ex, Mimi, a ring and Stevie manipulated into Benzino believing the marriage was real to appease Joseline.

Karlie jumps in to say that she believes Benzino may have known the marriage was fake and is probably jealous of Stevie, but Kirk says that he doesn’t think that at all. Kirk, who is friends with both men, says that of the two, he knows that he’s always cool with Benzino, but doesn’t know when he’s on Stevie’s good side or not. Mimi chimes in, saying that Stevie is very “Dr. Jekyll,” and you don’t know what his attitude will bring at the end.

9. Who’s worse: Joseline or Stevie? Dawn and Ariane say that Joseline is a beautiful person, but an unfortunate product of her environment. Kirk says he thinks that Joseline brings Stevie down (Mimi agrees), while Deb thinks that Joseline has bolstered Stevie’s fame. Most of the cast seem to think that neither Stevie nor Joseline will be able to become better people until they walk away from each other, however, Deb believes that both Joseline and Stevie are who they are and will not change.

Yung Joc calls them the “Whitney and Bobby of Love & Hip Hop,” which Deb takes massive offense to. He goes on to say that the two are responsible for their own actions and that, while seeing their lives play out in this manner is a sorrowful experience, they’re also electric to watch.

In the final moments of the show, Joseline and Stevie give a post-fight interview in which Joseline admits that she’s always prepared to fight and she thinks Benzino started the brawl because he didn’t want to be “exposed.” However, in their separate post-fight debrief, Benzino and Althea call Joseline a nasty individual who is jealous.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Season 3 Reunion Show, Part 3 airs Monday, Sept 8, at 8 p.m. ET on VH1.

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