Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: The Men’s Biggest Scandals (PHOTOS)
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: The Men’s Biggest Scandals (PHOTOS)

The cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta definitely delivers when it comes to over-the-top fights and must-see drama. And while we may get our fair share of the reality stars in front the cameras, these guys are engaged in tons of scandalous activity behind the scenes.

The men of LHHATL are just as shocking as the ladies when it comes to the skeletons hidden in their closets. And of course, we’ve got a roundup of some of the most salacious stuff out there!

Stevie J.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: The Men’s Biggest Scandals (PHOTOS)
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Stevie J. is almost as scandalous as the ladies that he shares the screen with. Stevie is a ladies man and has always been in the middle of a cheating allegation since… the dawn of time. It’s been recently reported that Stevie’s baby mama and co-star, Mimi Faust, is possibly behind Stevie’s break up with rapper Eve in the 2000s. Rumor has it that Eve caught Stevie J. and Mimi in her bed when she returned home early from a trip!

But that wasn’t all. Stevie and Eve also made a sex tape, which was released on the internet not too long after they called it quits when Eve would not succumb to blackmail demands. While many have speculated that Stevie was behind the tape’s release, both Eve and Stevie have said that the person behind the alleged blackmail was a spurned lover of Stevie’s.

Speaking of spurned, it’s even said that due to Stevie’s penchant for unprotected sex (after all, he does have four baby mamas), he’s passed along an STD or two to some unlucky women. Yikes!

And the drama continues. Not only did Stevie and Joseline get married in a secret civil ceremony this past summer, but rumor has it that Stevie has also found a new woman to replace Joseline’s former “jump-off” status. Oh yeah, she’s allegedly pregnant with Stevie’s baby and is rumored to join the cast for Season 3! While we’re not sure how true this is, it’s definitely been adding on the Stevie’s long list of scandalous activities.


Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: The Men’s Biggest Scandals (PHOTOS)
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Benzino is no stranger to the scandal gang. Back in 2007, Benzino had a leaked sex tape, like his bestie Stevie J. In 2012, the rapper went on air to discuss his fetish for a certain lady lump and just this year a slew of nude photos of the 40-year-old rapper hit the internet, blinding many of fans out there.

Oh yeah, there was also that little beef between Benzino and Stevie when Benzino may or may not have had sex with Joseline… and filmed it. Whether Benzi did it or not, one thing’s for sure — he definitely had a Joseline look-alike in the video for his track “Smashed the Homie.” Yeah. Make your own decisions about that one.

But as you know, scandals aren’t just about sex tapes and nude photos. One of the biggest scandals that surround Benzino has to be his long-standing (did it ever end?) “beef” with rapper Eminem, and subsequent resignation from The Source magazine.

Back in 2002, Benzino (who co-founded and secretly co-owned the hip hop magazine) and Eminem started a beef after Eminem called out Benzino and The Source for being biased in a review of his album The Eminem Show. This led to a feud spanning over a year, where both artists and their respective camps went back and forth tearing each other apart. Ultimately the diss records would lead to Benzino dropping affiliation with the magazine after Eminem’s record label, Interscope, pulled their advertisements thus reducing the magazine’s funding. In 2005 Benzino resigned, claiming that he didn’t want Interscope Records pressuring Def Jam exec (and former X Factor judge) L.A. Reid to pull the subsidiary label’s ads.

However, just a few days later, Benzino went back to being a figurehead at The Source. That same year, The Source’s former editor-in-chief, Kim Osorio, as well as VP Michelle Joyce, filed a lawsuit against the magazine for sexual harassment, gender discrimination, defamation, retaliatory discharge, and having a hostile work environment. Benzino, in retaliation, said Kim was acting as an extortionist and was known for sleeping around with rap artists.

While most of the charges were dropped, Benzino’s rant definitely did damage to the magazine’s case and Kim was awarded a $7.5 million dollar settlement. Later that year, Benzino was forced out of the mag by investors.

Lil Scrappy

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: The Men’s Biggest Scandals (PHOTOS)
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Lil Scrappy’s relationship with former fianceé baby mama Erica Dixon is scandalous enough without the added rumors of cheating and infidelity. But the most jaw-dropping thing to come out of their relationship was Scrappy’s admission that Erica cheated on him with a married man! However, as juicy as that news was at the time of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 2 reunion, it turns out that Lil Scrappy went on record to say that he did in fact make the whole thing up.

But that didn’t keep Scrappy off the scandal circuit. In May 2013, the rapper voluntarily entered rehab after failing a court-ordered drug test in March stemming from an arrest for felony guns and marijuana possession in 2008. Lil Scrappy was given three years probation for the offense, but was unable to stay sober. Since being released from rehab, the Atlanta native managed to keep himself out of trouble until August when he was arrested for assaulting a man at a gas station in Atlanta.

According to Scrappy, the man was being disrespectful to his female companion, alleged girlfriend and former Basketball Wives star Bambi, and instigated the fight. There hasn’t been any word yet on how that matter will be resolved.

Last but not least, the very latest scandal surrounding the Prince of the South is that he may not be returning to the hit Atlanta show and that no-longer-retired rapper Wacka Flocka will be taking his spot. But of course, Lil Scrap put that rumor to rest on a recent radio show, saying “I will be on TV again.”

He even went on to tweet about he and his co-star,Stevie J. being “ turnt up talkin bout the new season it's finna n cray.

Kirk Frost

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: The Men’s Biggest Scandals (PHOTOS)
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There’s no denying the cheating scandal that Kirk Frost set into motion on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 2. After feeling trapped in his marriage, Kirk had double the fun with two ladies while at a cabin with friends Benzino and singer Bobby V. But what’s even crazier than Kirk cheating on his pregnant wife, Rasheeda Frost? The fact that many believe the cheating scandal was cooked up for the show’s ratings!

During the Season 2 reunion Rasheeda confronted the naysayers asking if anyone would make up being pregnant with a cheating husband. She admitted that she spoke with a lawyer on the matter, but has since said that she’s not too quick to get a divorce from her philandering hubby.

Meanwhile, one of Kirk’s mistresses, “Mary Jane”, has been talking about their romance to basically any outlet that would have her.

Babey Drew

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: The Men’s Biggest Scandals (PHOTOS)
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Aside from his ever constant flow of “microwavable popcorn hoes,” it looks like Babey Drew has a bit of a scandal on his hands. While the show focuses on Drew and his baby mama DJ Traci Steele, what the show has neglected to mention is that Drew has another child.

Yup, Drew is the proud pop of a little girl named Autumn Noelle with his second baby mama, Mieko Love. Drew hasn’t been hiding this little girl since she’s all over his Twitter and Vine, but fans are obviously questioning why the fact that Drew has a second kiddo hasn’t been addressed… at all.

In addition to the revelation of Drew’s second baby, it’s also rumored that Drew, who has worked as Chris Brown’s touring DJ, was fired by C-Breezy for being too much of an attention whore! DJ Drew has since denied the laid off rumors on a radio interview on Hot 107.9, telling fans:

I haven’t been working with Chris because we haven’t had a tour. When we do have a tour, when his album drops, I will be right on stage with him.”

Can you believe the scandals surrounding the men of LHHATL? Do you know something we don't? Sound off below!

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