Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Stars Get Into Bloody “Brawl” During Filming! (VIDEO)
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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Stars Get Into Bloody “Brawl” During Filming! (VIDEO)

Guys, Season 3 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta appears to be heating up during filming, as TMZ obtained footage of a massive brawl that included the cast on February 5 at the grand opening of co-stars Benzino and Stevie J.’s bar and restaurant, Sleazy & Zino.

According to TMZ, sources say the whole fight started when star Joseline Hernandez walked in with a “friend” who then instigated a fight. Apparently things escalated to the point where Benzino’s ex-girlfriend and castmate, Karlie Redd, was knocked out, Momma Dee was hit in the face with a bottle (who would hit Momma Dee?!), and several others suffered cuts and bruises.

While we really can’t see who is fighting who in the video, we do see a ton of guys moving back and forth in between both Steebie and Joseline, who both look pretty irate that people are touching them. We also get a glimpse of Benzino, who looks like he’s trying to calm things down a bit, and of course, the VH1 film crew recording it all.

From the looks of the TMZ footage, reality star Shay Johnson was also in the melee, as we see her being hauled away by a guard into the street with Momma Dee walking close behind her.

While we can’t be too sure who started the fight or what the fight was about, we do know from Access Atlanta, Erica Dixon entered the premises with Karlie. We also know that Benzino was at the event with his new fiancé, Thi Thi, and he might not have been pleased to see her there.

“Since @iamkarlieredd wanted to come to MY event to question MY love for MY QUEEN, id thought I clear things up,” Benzino captioned the pic of his new tattoo — Thi Thi’s name on his wrist — on February 6.

Though Benzino claims that “it was all love” at the event last night, it's blatantly clear that wasn’t entirely the case.

We can’t wait for May to roll around!

Sources: TMZ/ Access Atlanta/Instagram