Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Top 9 WTF Moments From Season 3, Episode 5, “Party Foul”
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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Top 9 WTF Moments From Season 3, Episode 5, “Party Foul”

Picking up exactly where it left off, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3, Episode 5 (“Party Foul”) saw the conclusion of Karlie Redd’s fight with boyfriend Yung Joc’s friend (and secret lover), but Karlie wasn’t the only one to check her man’s friends. Bambi also had a few choice words (and fists) for boyfriend Lil Scrappy’s friend, Erica Pinkett, and Rasheeda Frost does a little espionage on her hubby, Kirk Frost.

So, what were our WTF moments this week? Check them out below!

1. Yung Joc admits to cheating on Karlie. Karlie and Yung’s friend, Jack-of-all-trades Khadiyah, finish their fight (after Khadiyah admits to sleeping with him) and Karlie confronts Yung Joc to see if it’s true. In a moment of anger, Yung says “yes” and Karlie tells him that their relationship is over. She then goes to his car because she needs a ride home to get away from them. When Yung refuses to drive Karlie home, she hops into the driver’s seat and peels off with Yung’s car, leaving him stranded with his mistress/friend.

2. Scrappy tells Bambi he wants a boy. Bambi takes a walk with Scrappy to help him sort out his feelings for her. Scrappy tells Bambi that he loves her, but he’s not in love with her and Bambi tells him that’s OK… for now. Scrappy then tells Bambi that he’d like to try again after a while, because he’d really like a boy. Bambi then tells Scrappy that she’d need to have a ring on her finger before then. Scrappy tells Bambi that he’s not going to marry a woman he’s not in love with, and Bambi in turn says that she will not have a baby with a man that’s not in love with her — even though, she almost did. She goes on to lament that the miscarriage was possibly meant to happen since the pregnancy was an accident, but Scrappy continues to tell Bambi that she’ll be a great mom to their kid someday.

3. Joseline Hernandez and Tammy Rivera butt heads. Tammy meets with Joseline at the behest of her soon-to-be mother-in-law, Deb Antney, who is friends with Joseline. At first, the ladies seem to hit it off, but when Tammy stops by to help style Joseline for the cover of Hip Hop Weekly, the two gals bump heads over their their taste in fashion. Furthermore, Tammy grows tired of Joseline’s jabs at her style, her body, and her tattoo in lieu of an engagement ring. Joseline then decides to give Tammy some “married woman advice” and says that she shouldn’t trust her man, despite how much he’s “changed.”

4. Girl talk goes down. Rasheeda, Karlie, and Erica Dixon meet up for some much needed catch-up. Rasheeda tells the girls about the possible nanny, Jasmine, Kirk tried to set her up with, and both Erica and Karlie tell Rasheeda that she should go to the bar where Kirk met Jasmine. Karlie then tells her friends about Joc’s infidelity, but admits that she still loves him. As the three continue to talk, Yung shows up to the lounge and pulls Karlie aside to talk. Karlie and Yung talk it over, and Yung tells Karlie that he’s wrong for cheating on her, but he wants to rebuild what they lost. Karlie says that she loves him, but she can’t be in a relationship where he partner is cheating. She sets up some ground rules and the two decide to work on their relationship.

5. Mimi Faust spills the beans. During their little spa day, Mimi, Rasheeda, and Tammy catch up and Mimi tells Rasheeda and Tammy about the sex tape she made with Nikko, that she agreed to distribute her film with Vivid Entertainment. Both Rasheeda and Tammy passed no judgement, but tell Mimi they were nervous about how the tape would affect her daughter — as they’re both mothers themselves. When Rasheeda asked about Stevie J., the gears shifted a little, as Tammy revealed that she and Joseline clashed a bit and she didn’t take too kindly to Joseline’s shady comments. This is when Mimi reveals to the gals that Stevie and Joseline aren’t really married, the house they live in is rented, and they’re living a lie. Mimi warns Tammy to stay clear of Joseline because she is the type to stab a “friend” in the back.

6. Benzino learns the truth. Benzino gets a call from Dawn saying that she wants to talk to him, and he’s shocked when he sees that Mimi is in tow. The two women sit down to tell Benzino that he needs to print a retraction for the Hip Hop Weekly issue that reports Stevie J. and Joseline’s marriage. Benzino is doubtful when the ladies show him a couple of text messages, but when they alert him that there is no public record of a marriage certificate, Zino grows weary. He makes a decision to get to the bottom of these accusations, and Mimi tells him to handle it, otherwise she’ll go to Media Take Out with all her information.

7. Rasheeda confronts the possible nanny. Rasheeda enlists the help of friend Kalenna Harper to go speak with the Kirk’s babysitter choice, Jasmine. Right off the bat, Jasmine asks the ladies if Kirk will be joining them, and Rasheeda asks Jasmine if she’s slept with Kirk. Jasmine says they’ve never slept together, and while they have had phone conversations, it was all pertaining to the nanny position. Kalenna and Rasheeda continue to grill Jasmine about her knowledge of Kirk, and she tells them he’s just a nice guy who offered her a job. Rasheeda tells Jasmine she believes her, but Kalenna is still doubtful and tells Rasheeda that Kirk shouldn’t come to the bar where Jasmine works anymore.

8. Benzino confronts Stevie and Joseline. While meeting up with Benzino to talk about Joseline’s upcoming spread in Hip Hop Weekly, Benzino drops the bomb that Mimi and Dawn told him Stevie’s marriage to Joseline is a fraud. Stevie and Joseline immediately go on the defense, saying that their marriage is “all good” and that Dawn and Mimi are jealous. Stevie J. tells Zino that he and the magazine nothing to fear, and Joseline tells Benzino that if he mentions Dawn and Mimi again, there will be problems.

9. Bambi smashes some eggs. Lil Scrappy throws a huge party for this 30th birthday, and everyone is there including Bambi, and his mother, Momma Dee. While Momma Dee and Bambi chat, Erica P. shows up and talks for a bit. Momma Dee notices Erica, and tells Bambi to check the “eggs” Scrappy has in his basket. Bambi becomes curious as to who this new woman (Erica) is, and she and Momma Dee walk over to check her out. Almost immediately, Erica gets under Bambi’s skin when she tells Bambi she’s sorry for the loss of her baby. Bambi has a couple of words with Scrappy and then punches Erica P. in the face. Erica P. is escorted from club — smashing everything as she leaves. Momma Dee tells Scrappy to “control his bitches,” and Bambi asks Scrappy if he’s upset. Scrappy kisses Bambi to let her know he’s OK, but he’s clearly not happy with how things went down. And as Bambi continues to party in the club, Erica P. is being held back by the bouncers outside and vows to give Bambi a beat down.

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