Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: WTF Moments From Season 4 Premiere “The Danger Zone”
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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: WTF Moments From Season 4 Premiere “The Danger Zone”

Monday, April 20 rang in the premiere of Love & Hip Hop Season 4 with Episode 1: “The Danger Zone.” We were thrust back into the lives of some of our favorite cast members from the franchise, with particular emphasis on Stevie J., Nikko, Mimi Faust, Lil Scrappy, Erica Dixon, Kirk and Rasheeda Frost, as well as new girls Ashley Nicole, Jessica Dime, and Margeaux.

So which moments made us go “huh?” Take a look at our WTF moments from the Season 4, premiere:

1. Mimi and Stevie are business partners. After all the mudslinging Season 3 had to offer, it looks like Mimi and Stevie were able to put their differences aside and find common ground outside of their daughter, Eva Giselle. In fact, the duo are working together on Mimi’s new management company, MF Entertainment, in an attempt to shy away from her sex tape fame. Sadly, Mimi and Stevie’s new business venture is already starting off on the wrong foot. After introducing Stevie to new talent Tiffany Foxx (aka Lil’ Kim’s protege), Mimi later invites Stevie to Tiffany’s showcase where he gets extremely drunk after waiting around for some 45 mins. Mimi, accompanied by friends Karlie Redd and Rasheeda Frost, are embarrassed for her and, after causing a bit of a ruckus, Stevie leaves.

2. Stevie offers Mimi his “Special Sauce.” During an earlier conversation with Mimi about Tiffany Foxx, Stevie asks Mimi if their daughter, Eva, still wants a brother or sister. Mimi says Eva is still interested in having a young sibling and Stevie takes the prime opportunity to offer Mimi some of his Sleazy J “Special Sauce” aka his sperm. Yes, his sperm. Mimi rejects the offer, and reminds Stevie that “wife” Joseline Hernandez probably wouldn't appreciate that, but Stevie doesn’t see a problem in handing over the sleazy juice in a bottle for Mimi to ensure that Eva gets a biological sibling.

3. Joseline is M.I.A. The Puerto Rican princess is nowhere to be found in the first episode, and when Mimi asks Stevie for Joseline’s whereabouts, he says she’s in Puerto Rico “getting herself together.”

4. Is Joseline jealous? A blast from Joseline’s past is introduced in the form of King of Diamonds dancer, Jessica Dime. Jessica used to dance with Joseline (when she worked under the name Shenellica Bettencourt) and, like Joseline, she’s decided to retire from the dancing game to pursue a career in rap. Karlie and Dawn (Mimi’s manager) head down to Miami to persuade Jessica to move to Atlanta and Jessica reveals that she and Joseline haven’t been as close as they used to be. Dawn thinks it’s because Jessica is attempting to make the same life moves as Joseline, while Karlie thinks that Joseline has been taking time away to realize who her friends and her foes are. Regardless of it all, Jessica is not apt to jump to conclusions and asserts that she’ll try to contact Joseline again once she finally makes moves to the ATL.

5. Momma Dee and Erica are friends — for now. According to Erica, Momma Dee’s newfound musical fame has led the two to being pretty cordial with each other now that Momma Dee is enjoying her fame. As such, Erica has been confiding in Momma Dee that Lil’ Scrappy hasn’t been paying his child support as he ought to and continues to do so at Momma Dee’s show. Momma Dee sympathizes with Erica, being a mother (and grandmother to Erica’s daughter) herself. Momma Dee says she’ll talk to Scrappy it about and even hints that Scrappy’s girlfriend, Bambi, may be a part of the issue. As the show begins, Scrappy appears with Bambi and Erica keeps to herself. As soon as the show is over, Erica leaves and Momma Dee thanks her son and his girlfriend for stopping by. It’s soon revealed that Momma Dee and Bambi are on the outs, and when Momma Dee questions Scrappy about his child support payments, he says that he’s taking care of his daughter the way he wants to.

6. Mimi vs. Nikko: Round 1. Mimi is at a photoshoot for a her new tell-all book when Nikko appears. He asks Mimi if she was going to tell him about the shoot, and she, of course, blows him off by saying that it’s none of his business. Nikko then reminds Mimi that he got her the book deal and signed a contract stating that he has a 25 percent stake in the book thus making him a big part of the book’s production. Mimi grows angry and kicks Nikko off her set and tells him to stop leeching off of her, but Nikko tells Mimi that he owns her and can do whatever he wants.

7. Introducing Margeaux. Nikko heads to Brooklyn to meet with his wife, Margeaux. The two sit down near Prospect Park and Nikko tells Margeaux that he wants her to move to Atlanta so that they can work on their relationship. Margeaux tells Nikko that she’s done with him because of his decision to make a sex tape with Mimi — despite the couple being in an open marriage. Nikko apologizes and says he never meant to hurt Margeaux, but after dating Mimi, he eventually grew feelings for her, and when the two planned to do the sex tape, he went along with it. Margeaux is kind of shocked to learn that the sex tape was planned, but is still hurt and undecided about uprooting her life to head south with her hubby.

8. Rasheeda wants a store, Kirk lands a star. Kirk signs a sexy new artist, Ashley Nicole, for a 5-album deal and takes her to his downtown office (read: apartment) to talk business. Ashley, however, takes to walking around the apartment, throwing herself on the king-sized bed, and asking Kirk to help her undress so she can get comfortable. Kirk is doing his best to fight temptations, and Ashley asks Kirk if Rasheeda knows that they will be working closely. Kirk says that he’ll have to break the news to his wife.

Back at home, Rasheeda’s cosmetics, clothing, and accessories line is booming and the rapper is tired of working out of her home office. She tells Kirk she needs a store, but Kirk questions the amount of money the storefront would cost. Kirk tells Rasheeda that they have to be smart with their money, especially since he’s got a new artist to worry about. Rasheeda asks about Ashley and he replies by saying Ashley’s hot and, you know, “sex sells.” Rasheeda’s not impressed and finds herself irritated by Kirk’s attention to Ashley’s body and not her talent.

9. Stevie vs. Nikko: Round 1. Stevie heads over to Mimi’s house to apologize for his drunken antics at Tiffany Foxx’s showcase. Mimi tells Stevie that she can’t handle his foolishness, since she’s got other stuff in her life to worry about. She goes on to say that Stevie’s recent behavior (failing drug tests, being sued for back child support) is troubling her. Stevie admits to his shortcomings, but tries his best to assure Mimi that he has it all under control. Mimi asks if his behavior has anything to do with Joseline’s disappearance, and he says that Joseline is “getting her mind right.” When Stevie inquires on Mimi’s other problems, she tells him about Nikko popping up at her shoot and causing trouble. She lets Stevie in on the contract she signed with Nikko for her tell-all book deal and Stevie is upset to learn that Nikko may stand to gain money from a book featuring Mimi’s life with Stevie and their daughter, Eva. Stevie then tells Mimi he’ll handle Nikko.

Sometime later, Stevie contacts Nikko and the two men meet up for a chat in a desolate area. Stevie tells Nikko to lay off Mimi and find another cash cow. Nikko tells Stevie that had it not been for the sex tape, his daughter with Eva wouldn’t have luxuries she has living in with her mother. Stevie gets mad when Nikko mentions Eva, and tells Nikko to leave his family alone. Nikko says that he can’t as he’s invested in Mimi and essentially owns her. Stevie tells Nikko to stop while he’s ahead, otherwise he’ll release some never-before-released intel on Nikko, but Nikko’s not scared. Nikko once again says that he can do as he pleases, and when he says that Eva will soon call him “daddy,” Stevie rushes him and the men get into a fight.

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