Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Lil Scrappy Opens Up on His Love Life, Has Bambi Moved On?
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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Lil Scrappy Opens Up on His Love Life, Has Bambi Moved On?

UPDATE 9/5/2013 2:25 p.m. ET: Lil Scrappy and Bambi are still together. The "BM" he's referring to in the tweet stands for "baby mama" (aka Erica Dixon).

Hold onto your snapbacks and try not to let the tears flow. The epic romance between
Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Lil Scrappy and Bambi seems to have come to a close. In fact, Lil Scrappy seems to be closing all doors in the love department.

In case you missed the L&HHA reunion, the romance-happy rapper proposed to his baby mama Erica Dixon, much to the dismay of his on-again-off-again girl Shay “Buckeey” Johnson. And if that drama-fueled exchange wasn’t enough, it seems Scraps soon ditched Erica and moved on to Basketball Wives star Bambi.

Bambi is no stranger to the L&HHA cast. The reality starlet was also spotted getting cozy with Benzino in a hot tub on Season 2 of the show, but lately Bam Bam and Scrappy Doo have been the talk of the town.

But when the rapper took to Twitter on August 26, he shared the horrifying news that Bambi had, in fact, moved on.

“Ill never talk down on erica but I'm tellin y'all wuts good for me I give much respect to @AdizBAMBI cus she was their when I was down,” he wrote, adding, “An I'm happy for Bm an her new dude an she's happy for me so y'all tv watching ,dnt knw wuts goin on broke an ya dude or chick lef yo ass✌.”

So now that Bambi’s out of the picture, will Scrappy go back to his baby mama (as he has so many times before)? It doesn’t look like it. When a fan told Scraps that he truly loved Erica at the end of the day, he replied, “I love my daughter that's it.”

Bold words from a known player.

Do you think that this is the start of a newly-single Scrappy? Or will Momma Dee’s boy find himself a new lady love? Tell us below!