Love & Hip Hop: 7 WTF Moments From Season 5, Reunion Special, Part 2
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Love & Hip Hop: 7 WTF Moments From Season 5, Reunion Special, Part 2

Part 2 of The Love & Hip Hop Season 5 reunion show concluded both the season and Erica Menas time on the show. Host Nina Parker cleared up what really happened between Rich Dollaz and Diamond Strawberry in the bathroom; Peter Gunz confronted Amina Buddafly’s ex and new manager, and of course, security got a chance to flex some muscle and keep a couple ladies in their seats.

So, what were our WTF moments this week? Check them out below!

1. Did Rich and Diamond really do “it”? Picking up where we left of, host Nina Parker plays never-before-heard audio of Rich’s tryst with Diamond in the bathroom. Much of the conversation involves some suggestive things said (i.e., “pull it out,” “turn around”), however, nothing explicit is revealed. Diamond’s ex, Cisco Rosado, is asked how he feels about the situation and he says that Rich was wrong to get involved with Diamond, since it meant breaking the code of honor. Diamond’s mother, Lisa says Cisco should’ve never played games with Diamond, and Diamond’s attachment to Rich soon after their split was just karma working very quickly. At the same time, Lisa believes her daughter made some very stupid choices in moving to New York to pursue her career and relationship with Cisco; however, she says that she supports Diamond no matter what.

Diamond admits that she got with Rich because she was insanely vulnerable and latched on to him because he was nice, and not to spite Cisco.

2. Cisco feels disrespect, Jhonni Blaze is ready to fight. As Diamond and Rich discuss their relationship — which Rich says never existed — Cisco grows irritated that Rich only pursued Diamond because he wanted to “do” her. As Cisco tells Rich he was wrong to go after his ex, Jhonni Blaze jumps to Cisco’s defense and calls Rich out for his sleazy ways. Rich doesn’t understand why Cisco is so upset, and Jhonni responds calls Rich a dirtbag, whom she’s prepared to spit on if need be. She then says she doesn’t care if she has to fight, and of course, security rushes the stage when she stands up. Cisco tells Jhonni that what happened with Stevie J. and Benzino at their reunion will never happen in this situation, and despite the love triangle, Rich is his friend.

3. Jhonni tries to take down Diamond and Lisa. The conversation moves on to Diamond and Jhonni’s fight. When Diamond makes a snide remark about Jhonni while relating what began the fight, Jhonni takes a jab at Diamond’s daughter. Lisa calls out to Jhonni for making fun of her grandbaby, and Jhonni tries to attack both women. Lisa tells security to let Jhonni go, but several security guards grab her anyway. Jhonni throws her jewelry at the women before being taken off stage kicking and cursing. Cisco tries to calm Jhonni, who is shoving security out of her way. She’s finally escorted into the dressing room. Lisa and Diamond then take shots at Jhonni’s clothes and jewelry, saying if she was really “about it” she’d fight them already and stop talking so much.

4. Peter is over trying to work it out. Peter reveals that he’s still in love with both his wife, Amina, and his ex, Tara Wallace. However, he makes it abundantly clear that he’s done begging. Amina admits that she still loves Peter and wants to be with him, but she knows he’ll never change. Tara says she’s still upset with the way Peter treated her. He again calls Amina a “snitch” for telling Tara about the women he slept with while he and Tara were still dating. Tara says Peter’s only mad he got caught and, furthermore, he never would have stood for Amina or Tara cheating on him.

Moments later, Amina’s former manager Orrin joins the cast to discuss working with Amina and the potential feelings he has for her. Peter tells the audience that Orrin, who dated Amina almost a decade prior, cheated on Amina and, more recently, sent messages to Amina saying he wished Cori, her daughter with Peter, was his — despite the fact that Orrin is currently engaged to another woman. Orrin and Amina say that the texts were just jokes, and Peter chides Amina for trying to defend Orrin’s character. Orrin says that he has no romantic feelings for Amina, he just wants to be part of helping her music career to succeed. Peter wishes them best of luck in their endeavors — whether they be professional, romantic, or both.

5. Erica officially resigns from Love & Hip Hop. Erica opens up to Mona Scott Young about her engagement to Shad “Bow Wow” Moss and reveals that she’s having a summer wedding in Atlanta. When asked why she’s leaving the show, Erica says she needs to grow and move on, though reality TV will never be completely out of the picture for her. When discussing Shad’s relationship with her son, King, Erica grows emotional and says that she’s dealt with so much abuse that she wishes she would’ve met Shad sooner. As for her relationship with Rich, Erica she says she can’t ever be friends with him again, but hopes he will get his life together since he isn’t getting any younger. Mona then rolls a montage of Erica’s four years on the show. Afterward, Erica says she doesn’t regret ever being part of Love & Hip Hop and thanks Mona for the opportunity to become bigger than anything she expected. Mona becomes teary-eyed and thanks Erica for being so transparent on TV.

Back in the studio, Rich responds to Erica’s comment by saying that the show went on without Erica, and though Erica is dynamic, it was only because he made her an essential player on the show. He went on to note that Love & Hip Hop will go on without her. When asked for their final thoughts on Erica’s departure leaving, Cyn Santana wished her ex the best and Chrissy Monroe said a curt “‘bye.”

6. “Stalkmaster Flex” stands her ground. Yandy Smith Harris and Mendeecees Harris talk about Mendeecees’s assistant, Remy, who joins the cast on stage. Remy is annoyed by Yandy calling her a “stalker,” especially since she looks up to her. Yandy says Remy’s done creepy things to earn that moniker, and that there’s a certain etiquette to gain access to her circle. Remy says she would’ve never crossed boundaries if Yandy didn’t give her the OK. Meanwhile, Yandy’s best friend Kimbella heckles Remy, inciting the former assistant to jump up and walk threatening toward Kimbella. Security holds Remy and Yandy jumps up. Mendeecees talks Yandy down, shocked that she would even stand up. Kimbella then tells Remy her approach and tone was the problem, and Yandy interjects that Remy just didn’t go through the proper channels of communication to be around her and her family.

7. Last Call. A montage of Season 5’s best moments plays and the cast and crew are asked to give their last thoughts, questions, and opinions. Amina asks Tara if she feels that she can still have Peter any way she can. Tara says yes, but Peter denies that’s true, though he realizes everyone won’t believe him. Chrissy says that she still waiting for Chink Santana to get his divorce so they can reignite their relationship.

Finally, Yandy announces that she and Mendeecees are finally getting married and everyone’s all invited because it’s going to be a live, televised event on VH1 for Memorial Day.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 4 premieres Monday, April 20 at 8 p.m. ET on VH1.

Were there any moments from part 2 of the Love & Hip Hop Season 5 reunion special that had you saying “WTF?” Sound off below!