Love & Hip Hop’s Saigon on His Son’s Development: “I Jumped the Gun” — Exclusive
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Love & Hip Hop’s Saigon on His Son’s Development: “I Jumped the Gun” — Exclusive

The last time we saw rapper Saigon of Love and Hip Hop, he and his baby mama, Erica Jean, had a serious blowout after Saigon voiced his concern about their son, Brian (also known as Steven), having developmental problems. Erica was not pleased with Saigon’s accusations, and when Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with the rapper, he admits that he was wrong and “jumped the gun.”

“I kinda jumped the gun on Brian/Steven thinking that at 17 months something was wrong,” Saigon confessed, later adding “But I’m a bit of a hypochondriac. When Brian sneezes, I’m telling Erica we gotta take him to the doctor and she’s like chill, we can get some over the counter medication for that.”

Saigon told us his relationship with Erica Jean started back in 2006, when the two would just “hook up.” However, on one of those occasions, Erica became pregnant and he didn’t know until his son was already 7 months old. After having initial doubts, Saigon says that he wanted to make it his duty to be a good father to his son (now 2 years old) as he didn’t have his own father around growing up.

“I wasn’t raised with my father so I want to do everything I can to be there for my kids,” he voiced. And while we witnessed their massive fight in Episode 5, “Off the Record,” Saigon, who also has a 5-year-old daughter from a previous relationship, told us that he and Erica are definitely working on being better parents for the sake of their son.

“Erica’s mom died before she had our son, so she didn’t have that maternal guidance or grandmother to help her or anything, so she’s still learning as she goes along,” he said. “We’re still learning to be parents, and we’re learning to be better. Sometimes good things happen and sometimes we make mistakes, but you gotta learn from them both.”

As a matter of fact, Saigon credits his parenting skills to none other than co-star (and close friend) Peter Gunz.

“What people don’t see about Peter is that he’s a good person. Aside from that whole personal thing with him and Amina and Tara, he’s a good man and a great father, you know… So when I see Peter doing his thing with his boys, it’s like it makes me want to be a better father to my kids cause he’s really great. And it’s like I’d rather be a good father and a bad boyfriend, than a good boyfriend and a bad father.”

Well said, Saigon!

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