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Hollywood Hunks Show Off Their Buff Bodies (VIDEO)

It's springtime, and shirtless hotness is in full bloom in Hollywood, as you can see in the video above!

Wait, did we say Bloom? That's right, ever-reliable hottie Orlando Bloom is one of the Tinseltown hunks featured as he plays frisbee sans shirt with a dog on a beach. (Why that pooch isn't panting over the Hobbit star's bulky torso is beyond us!)

Also going "topless" is Jared Leto, who still has those luscious ombre locks we saw at the Oscars but is rocking a bit ‘o brawn as he gains weight in muscle after losing so much for Dallas Buyers Club.

And Nick Jonas reaffirms his status as the most ripped of the Jonas Brothers with his gym selfie. Sure, he wasn't shirtless, but his skin-tight tee gave us all the eye candy we need. The reason behind those mammoth biceps? The former pop star is strenuously bulking up for his role as a mixed martial arts fighter on the upcoming DirecTV drama Navy St. And hey, we bet that punching bag absorbs any rage Nick may feel over the breakup of his family band.

Let's just hope the weather keeps getting warmer so that more dudes feel the need to disrobe and flaunt their physiques!

04.24.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Dan Clarendon
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