Hollywood Slammed For Representation of Black Women, But Grey’s Anatomy Is Applauded
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Grey's Anatomy

Hollywood Slammed For Representation of Black Women, But Grey’s Anatomy Is Applauded

USA Today published a scathing new article today entitled "Where are the black women in Hollywood," and Grey's Anatomy talent like Chandra Wilson are quoted in the discussion about the film and TV world's racial inequality.

As USA Today's Arienne Thompson cites, only two black women have been nominated for Screen Actors Guild and Golden Globe acting awards, and black women are featured in a lead or supporting role in only one out of every five movies released so far in 2013.

That kind of scarcity has led to a "deprivation mode" among black actresses, says The Help's Viola Davis. "When you only have two or three categories for black actresses — you want to work," she says. "It's a natural instinct. If you throw a piece of cheese in a room full of rats, they're going to claw at each other."

Chandra agrees: "When I would come just to audition, all in the same room, auditioning for the same role — that scared me to death! I kind of stayed away from Hollywood because of that. Because the quantity isn't high, we're all out there fighting for the same few roles."

And Debbie Allen (Catherine Avery) expresses her exasperation on the matter: "This conversation is an old conversation … Unfortunately, we just keep having [it] over and over and over. It's like raising a child that doesn't listen … We have to keep going over it."

Luckily for both Debbie and Chandra, they got in good with Grey's creator Shonda Rhimes, who gets high praise in the article for her color-blind casting. Plus, both actresses have been able to get behind the camera on the show, too.

"Shonda and Grey's have given me the opportunity to become a director, and that's something that I hadn't really envisioned for myself," Chandra raves. "Now I've got this résumé of television credits that I can carry forward into the next opportunity."

Kudos to Shonda and the entire Grey's team!

Source: USA Today

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12.17.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Dan Clarendon
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