Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Snubbed by Hollywood Elite Despite Kanye West — Report (VIDEO)

Kim Kardashian, being left off of a Hollywood guest list? Sounds impossible, but is insisting that Kim’s future husband — and current baby daddy — Kanye West is having a bit of trouble getting his colleagues to take her seriously.

The story goes like this: Kanye’s begging for Kim to join his elite social circle made up of the biggest, most successful names in Hollywood, but his friends just won’t budge. To them, Kanye is “a serious star and business man,” and Kim just isn’t worthy.

Um, what? We understand it’s easy to look at Kim and think bikini pics and sex tapes, but we’re pretty sure she’s proven herself enough times for her formerly risque reputation to precede her. Not only is Kim at the helm of the mega popular Dash boutiques, but she and her sisters are also the brains behind their fashion line, the Kardashian Kollection. What part of that doesn’t make her a businesswoman in her own right?

Also, at the same time, Kim’s an awesome mom to baby North, despite her crazy work schedule — and, let’s face it: We wouldn’t care so much about what Kim’s doing if she wasn’t secretly brilliant. Just saying.

Even so, a source tells the website that “Kim just isn’t welcome in the same places that Kanye is.” Do you think this is as ridiculous as we do? Watch the video above and let us know what you make of it.

We seriously doubt Kim is being denied a seat at the cool kids’ table. We know we wouldn’t snub her if we ran into her at a party. After all, Kim is awesome. And she has a lot of clothes hanging in her closet that we wanna borrow.

Do you think Kim’s really being shunned by Hollywood, or is this story totally false?