Taylor Swift on Her Home Base: “I Would Never Leave Nashville”
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Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift on Her Home Base: “I Would Never Leave Nashville”

Taylor Swift loves a lot of things — cats, baking, Netflix marathons, and her famous BFFs — but it could never compare to her love of her favorite place in the world: Nashville, Tennessee, the place she’s made home.

“I decided to move to Nashville when I was about 10 years old. I was obsessed with watching biography TV shows about Faith Hill and Shania Twain, and I noticed that both of them went to Nashville to start their careers,” Taylor explained in a new interview with Time. “I began relentlessly nagging, begging, and pleading with my parents to take me on a trip there … When, at 13, I was offered a development deal by a major record label, my parents gave in and we moved from Pennsylvania.”

And although Taylor has pals in both New York and LA, she’d never consider making a permanent move because, now that she’s been there for so long, Nashville just feels like home — especially since it offers her way more privacy than she’d get in a more high profile locale.

“In New York and LA, there are photographers waiting on the street, and it seems like every errand I run is photographed and documented,” Taylor said. “You don’t see as much evidence of me spending time in Nashville, because I’m not being photographed at the grocery store. I’m just able to wander around the grocery store and make casual conversation with the girl standing next to me in the produce aisle.”

And while she’s home, she loves keeping her typical routine of shopping, eating at cute restaurants, and grabbing coffee at her favorite local coffee shop, Fido — and continuing to gush about how much she loves her quiet hometown.

“Now I have to stop because I sound like I am the president of the Nashville Tourism Board,” Taylor joked. “Sorry, not sorry, I just love it here.”

Source: Time

03.10.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Nicole Pomarico
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