Bachelor 2014 Hometown Dates: Do ANY Families Approve of Juan Pablo Galavis?
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The Bachelor

Bachelor 2014 Hometown Dates: Do ANY Families Approve of Juan Pablo Galavis?

The Bachelor 2014 has been a nonstop thrill ride of love confessions, real talk, and Juan Pablo Galavis’s interesting interpretations of the girls’ words and actions each week. But now that families are getting involved on February 24’s Hometown Dates episode, it’s going to be real talk o’clock, like, all the time. ABC has released a synopsis for the eighth episode of this eighteenth season, and it looks like a doozy.

The episode kicks off in Nikki Ferrell’s Kansas City hometown, where she’ll put his “cowboy skills to the test.” Um, duh, girl, didn’t you see him win Desiree Hartsock’s wild west group date on The Bachelorette? This guy walks bow-legged in such a natural way, it’s like, the perfect date choice. Or not. But lucky for Nikki, it sounds like things go well with her familia, since ABC says El Bachelor “charms her family with his easy-going manner and good looks.” The one hangup? Girl still can’t tell him she loves him. COME ON NIKKI, it’s been WEEKS! Geeze, you’d think after two whole 1-on-1 dates, she’d be Clare-ing about it.

Fans of words that are never used in normal speech will appreciate the anonymous ABC intern’s question about Andi Dorfman’s Hometown Date: “Will [her family’s possible disapproval] sound the death knell for the couple’s relationship?” Yeah, guys. Will the death knell toll? But actually, we’re a little concerned, because Andi’s father “peppers” Juan Pablo with “a blunt cross examination.” Get it? Because she’s an assistant U.S. attorney. But just to make him comfortable, Andi takes him to a shooting range. Fun in Atlanta!

On Renee Oteri’s Hometown Date in Sarasota, Florida, JPG “witnesses the tearful reunion” between Renee and her eight-year-old son, Ben and “is introduced to Renee’s pride and joy.” Man. That’s not going to be awkward at all: Mommy, I’ve missed you. Why does our alone time have to be with that rando in the neon shirt and water moccasins? They hang for a Little League game, and Juan Pablo does something he probably doesn’t know how to translate: “he ponders” if he could be Ben’s stepdad. Next, he meets her parents, and she “hesitates to tell him of her strong feelings.” We’re sensing a theme here...

Except, there’s always Clare Crawley, whose Hometown Date is just a wedding. Oops, nope, she doesn’t steal everything from Courtney Robertson’s bag of tricks… Word is she shares “heartbreaking memories of her late father with Juan Pablo in a rare, intimate moment of vulnerability and sensitivity,” but does that mean she shows him the DVD her father made for her husband before he died? We hope not, cuz there are still a bunch of broads in this competition. And it’s all well and good until JPG meets Clare’s fam, and one of her sister’s “bombshell reaction makes a happy ending for the couple questionable.”

Back in Miami for the Rose Ceremony, he’ll eliminate one girl before the final three jet off to St. Lucia for Fantasy Suites on February 25 and the Season 18 finale on March 10 (with “Women Tell All” in between). Are you pumped? Duh.

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