Bachelor Hometown Dates: Nate Hartsock Shares Survival Tips — Exclusive
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Bachelor Hometown Dates: Nate Hartsock Shares Survival Tips — Exclusive

Juan Pablo Galavis is heading to the hometowns of his final four girls on Monday, February 24’s Bachelor episode, and from what we’ve heard, it’s not going to be just a walk in the park (though he does do that, too). The episode’s promo previews few smiles waiting for Juan Pablo when he meets the families of his potential future wife. So, what to do? Ask Desiree Hartsock’s brother Nate — King of Real Talk — for advice, which we did.

Des’s big bro was quick to tell Sean Lowe exactly what he thought of him when Sean came home with Des during The Bachelor Season 17 Hometown Dates. “So far from being here, what I’ve seen from you, I believe that she’s really into you, but you’re not into her,” he told Sean during their time alone together. He also called him a playboy and said he’s “not buying” what Sean was selling him.

“It’s impossible not to picture myself in this family who has this brother who… we don’t get along!” Sean confessed at the time. He was so protective that Sean may have been intimidated out of keeping her around, since he sent her home in that episode’s Rose Ceremony.

In preparation for Juan Pablo’s Hometowns, we caught up with the recently engaged Nate to ask him for some advice on how a Bachelor should behave toward the families he’s about to meet.

1. Don’t try and fake your way through it.

“What a bachelor should know is to first and foremost be real with the family. Tell the truth and don't try to hide anything.” It’s natural for a family to be suspicious of this process, since there aren’t a ton of success stories coming out of the show.

2. No stage tears, Mmkay?

It’s awkward that the Bachelors can’t say “I love you” (except Des, that is), yet they still often ask for the parents’ permission to marry their daughters… But Nate advises, “don’t fake emotions you don’t feel.”

3. Shut up, OK?

This isn’t just the Bachelor’s chance to tell the family why he’s great. It’s also about fit and learning about where the girl comes from! Nate’s advice? “Be humble, don't brag about yourself. Be courteous and talk less. Sometimes it's better to only speak when spoken to.”

4. Let sleeping dogs lie.

That’s lie, like sleep, OK? Because see above. But Nate insists that no matter how tempting it might be to get an idea of what his girlfriend may have done in a past life, El Bachelor shouldn’t ask the family about past relationships. Got it? Good.

5. Keep your story straight!

So, you told your girl that she’s the only one for you. Now you’re telling the family that she’s one of the only ones. It’s a tough line to toe, since there has to be an element of not giving false hope or impressions — and no one makes us more afraid that the truth will come out than a protective parent or sibling! But Nate says that they’ll see right through you. Don't tell the family one thing and the girl something else; be transparent with everyone.”

6. Be respectful of yourself and them.

It sounds simple, but there’s two ways to do this. First, just “show respect at all times to everyone.” No brainer, right? Well, it’s been rough going for Juan Pablo this season, with his constantly changing mind. And come to think of it, you should probs respect yourself enough to show the family your true colors. “You don't have to impress — you just have to be yourself.” Hey, the girl obviously let you into her family’s home. Be the guy you were that she fell in TV like with, and you’ll be doing everyone a favor.

Anything else? “Once again, don't be fake,” Nate cautions. Ahh, the memories of Sean shaking in his boots. Catherine oughta send Nate a thank you card!

From the clips we’ve seen, it looks like Andi Dorfman’s father says that he’s not going to give Juan Pablo his approval while there are still other girls in the running. Chris Harrison says that Clare Crawley’s family members “are a little skeptical and aren't as apt to just give their blessing,” adding that they “want to see more” and can’t, with the little time they have. Perhaps if Juan Pablo had checked in with his ex-girlfriend’s brother about that time her ex-boyfriend stopped by, well, it may have gone a little smoother…

What do you think about Nate’s advice? Good for Bachelors and single dudes alike? We think so…

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