Vampire Diaries Social Web — Who Hooked Up? And Who’s Related?
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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Social Web — Who Hooked Up? And Who’s Related?

After more than four seasons on the air, The Vampire Diaries is a tangled web of relationships — luckily, has our backs with a handy-dandy relationship map in case we ever need a reminder of who used to date or who are cousins or who used to date their cousin (just kidding — that last one only happens on Downton Abbey). Here are some of the connections that you may have forgotten about!

  • The Mikaelsons had a brother named Henrik (R.I.P., baby Henrik).

  • Bonnie had an ancestor named Ayana, who was BFFs with Esther Mikaelson. She had awesome hair.

  • Matt and Elena were high school sweethearts before her parents died.. (When, if ever, do we think he really got over her?)

  • Caroline and Damon used to hook up in the first season — he treated her like dirt. Not cool, Damon.

  • Damon and Rebekah once hooked up — we really had forgotten about this one.

  • We don’t know if Tatia, the Petrova doppelganger, is still alive. Could this have been the possible upcoming fourth doppelganger character Nina Dobrev was teasing she might play?

The relationship map also includes a color-coded feature that lets us know which characters are human, vampire, doppelganger, etc. Though, there are some things that even a relationship map can’t handle: i.e. Katherine used to be a vampire, or that — through adoption — Elena is Jeremy’s brother even though they’re technically biological cousins. Yep, gotta love TVD’s social interweb. We imagine this thing is only going to tie itself in more knots as the show progresses — and we love it.

Was there anything on this relationship map that you had forgotten? What did the relationship map forget? Sound off in the comments below!

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