Jax Reveals Details About His Hookup With Kristen — Does He Regret It?
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Jax Taylor

Jax Reveals Details About His Hookup With Kristen — Does He Regret It?

Everyone was shocked this season on Vanderpump Rules when Jax Taylor and Kristen Doute both admit to having sex with each other. Now, Jax is shedding more light on their time together and how he feels now about the hookup.

"Do I regret it?" Jax writes in his Bravo blog about sleeping with Kristen. "Absolutely, I wish it would have never happened."

"You have to remember, too, I was so wrapped up in Stassi then," Jax explains. "I would do whatever it took to get back with her. I didn’t care who I hurt or what I did. Whatever made me feel good at the time, I was going to do. Even if it was sleep with my friend’s girlfriend."

"Stassi was going back with Frank that week, Kristen and Tom were fighting," he continues. "Tom called me up asking if I could come and take Kristen. We were both in a bad place. Kristen was at rock bottom, I was at rock bottom. We just cared about ourselves. It wasn't a passionate thing, it wasn’t like, 'Oh, my God, I love you.' There was no kissing involved. It was strictly what it was, it was a hookup."

However, Jax feels there is a silver lining to what happened. "I'm not saying this is a good thing, but Tom's a lot happier now," Jax writes. "He seems happy. I'm not saying I'm glad that I did this because now look what happened, but he's a different person. It's like, wow, who is this guy? And that’s good. I’m glad." Keep telling yourself that, buddy.

How do you feel about Jax's comments about what he did?

Source: Jax's Bravo blog