“Hot, Dirty, Stand-On-My-Head Sex” Quotes From Grey’s Anatomy Season 8, Episode 6
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“Hot, Dirty, Stand-On-My-Head Sex” Quotes From Grey’s Anatomy Season 8, Episode 6

A bit of sex talk, a bit of food talk, and a bit of surgical talk rounds out the selection of our favorite quotes from Grey’s Anatomy Season 8, Episode 6: “Poker Face.” Here's the rundown:

10. Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez) (to Mark Sloan [Eric Dane] and Arizona Robbins [Jessica Capshaw]): "I just want coffee... infused with cream."
Never, ever stand between a surgeon and her caffeine.

9. Teddy Altman (Kim Raver) (to Alex): "The only thing worse than a bad surgeon is a scared one."
Second episode in a row in which the size of Alex's (Justin Chambers) balls are called into question.

8. April Kepner (Sarah Drew): "I, on the other hand, just got fired from Bailey's trial, so I'm gonna spend the night drinking and flirting with boys."
Too bad her idea of flirting entails staring awkwardly, dripping beer on herself, and stammering out a cheesy pick-up line.

7. Mark: "The scone is a very tough pastry to make."
Much as we love him as a surgeon, we'd watch a Mark cooking show every day of the week.

6. Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) (to Meredith Grey [Ellen Pompeo]): "Not just sex: hot, dirty, stand-on-my-head sex."
You talk some big talk, but c'mon. Standing on your head? While you do your thing? Nuh-uh. We don't buy it.

5. Meredith: "So we should check for signs of rejection?"
Richard: "Exactly. Bump me."
A fist bump? A dap? Just like the Obamas do? They'd be so proud!

4. Callie (to Cristina): "But if you're not careful, you're gonna wake up day and realize that you're no longer the badass, hardcore, spontaneous, take-charge, crazy, fun person you thought you were but instead some sad, sorry wife who stays in every night and talks about food like it's an orgasm, but it's clearly not — an orgasm is an orgasm."
Preach it, sister!

3. Richard (to awoken patient): "Uh, hi there, um, beautiful day and—" (runs out)
Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.): so endearing, and yet so incredibly awkward.

2. Cristina (to Meredith): "Wearing the Vagina Squad scrubs in public? It' s— ugh. We have standards, Meredith!"
Now that Charlie's Angels has been cancelled, will ABC produce a Vagina Squad show?

1. Callie: "Mark, I love you. I love how great you are with our daughter. I love that you and Arizona are friends, but you? You need to leave because tonight I'm gonna eat pizza and drink beer in bed with my wife and tell her about the neck I just built and then we're gonna have lots and lots of sex, okay? We're great parents, but we're more than just mommies and daddies. We are hot, and we are sexy. And your new hobby? The hollandaise and the short ribs and the coq au vin is getting in the way of our sex life. So please start having sex again. Okay? But not tonight, because tonight you're babysitting."
Mark: "Can I at least have some pizza?"
Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) was right: this was incredibly hot. Now, if you'll excuse us, we're gonna go eat beer and drink pizza in bed.

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