Looks like Teri got what she wanted... but nobody's happy. After Teri drugged Roman with an herb called vatal, which causes aggression and lack of self-control, Roman went on a pretty impressive path of self-destruction. After shoving Emery's ex Grayson into a wall for grabbing her arm, Roman paced all around the school murmuring about protecting Emery. Eventually, he laid into her, saying that when he has to choose between her and his people, he always makes the wrong choice.

Teri attempts to take advantage of an incapacitated Roman, who keeps hallucinating and thinking he's with Emery... until Emery walks in on them. After the drug wears off, she tells Roman that she understands that he didn't want to hook up with Teri, but that he was right about her putting his people at risk, especially with Castor on a rampage. Emery breaks it off, but not happily. "Maybe someday," she says, "things will be different."

Original Story, April 15:

Star-Crossed's Roman (Matt Lanter) and Emery Whitehill (Aimee Teegarden) have already sacrificed so much to be together — but could it all fall apart? In the Season 1, Episode 10: "What Storm Is This That Blows So," airing Monday, April 21, Emery's trust in Roman might be shattered. Blows, indeed!

So what happens to Romery? Roman's ex, Teri (Chelsea Gilligan), naturally. We were just reminded how much she loves Roman, and doesn't care much for Emery, in Episode 9: "Some Consequence Left Hanging in the Stars." Emery thanked Teri for her help in saving Roman from Castor, but Teri shot back, "I didn't do it for you." According to this week's episode synopsis, Teri starts to take matters into her own hands to ruin Romery. From the CW:

A hurricane suddenly hits the town and everyone is trapped inside the school. Teri (Chelsea Gilligan) drugs Roman (Matt Lanter), which leaves him very paranoid and very angry.  While drugged he says some very hurtful things to Emery (Aimee Teegarden) that alter their relationship. Taylor (Natalie Hall) convinces Drake (Greg Finley) that they should go public as a couple. However, when Grayson (Grey Damon) overhears the couple talking, he blackmails Drake into breaking up with Taylor. Meanwhile, Julia (Malese Jow) turns to Emery for help after Eva (guest star Stephanie Jacobsen) threatens her.

Obviously, a lot of stuff is hitting the fan next week — but trust was the biggest thing Romery had going, and it looks like that gets blown a little this week. We also see a whole lot of newly-angsty Grayson meddling in basically everyone's love affairs; If we take a look at sneak-peek images for Monday's episode, it's not just Draylor he's messing with. Get your hand off Emery, dude!

We think he might also have a key role in setting off Roman… because, well. The whole grabbing-Emery thing, and this here fight.

Will Roman and Emery call it quits in "What Storm Is This That Blows So"? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!