When we left off in Star-Crossed Episode 10, "What Storm Is This That Blows So," Taylor (Natalie Hall) and Drake (Greg Finley)'s relationship seemed normal-stressful. Drake had just broken up with Taylor under duress, and Taylor kissed Sophia (Brina Palencia) in front of him — either to make him jealous, because she changed her mind about Sophia, because Sophia makes Taylor feel special ("You're the kind of girl worth going to war for!"), or some combination of all three. You know, high school stuff. But from the looks of the trailer for Episode 11, "Give Me a Torch," Taylor has much bigger things to worry about: It appears that she's pregnant with Drake's baby.

The trailer opens with Taylor crying blue-glowing tears, and if there's one thing we've learned from humans glowing blue, it means they have a little Atrian in them, as Julia (Malese Jow) did with Roman (Matt Lanter)'s blood in her. And as it turns out, she probably does! "When Atrian women's tears glow, it means they're expecting," Emery (Aimee Teegarden) says, breaking the news gently.

"Expecting what?" asks an oblivious Taylor. Emery clarifies, "You're pregnant."

Of course, this isn't just a normal teen pregnancy crisis, and not just because Atrian pregnancy looks stressful. In the tense, mid-integration political climate, everything is seen as a political act — which the trailer alludes to in a conversation between Gray and a pretty sketchy-looking Red Hawk. "They use our women to breed," the sketchy Red Hawk rants to an angsty Grayson (Gray Damon). "That's how it starts."

That same sketchy Red Hawk is seen creeping up on Emery in promo photos. Gross.

Yikes. Meanwhile, someone pulls a knife on Emery, and bestie dream team Drake and Roman work to protect the world together. "Your uncle's trying to kill you. Vega's trying to annihilate every human we know. Who should we take out first?" posits Drake. "Both," responds Roman. Duh.

Despite Grayson getting pretty obnoxious in a few different ways — he's paranoid, he's emotionally draining, the combination of the two are making him open to bigoted suggestions — he and Emery seem to be getting along just fine in preview photos for the episode. Are they back together? We hope not!

Watch the trailer below.

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