By now we're guessing everyone's heard that Star-Crossed was canceled by the CW, so barring any miracles, the finale, "Passion Lends Them Power," is the last episode we're ever going to see. So, we're hoping it really counts — and we're getting a better idea of what's going to happen from a new preview for Episode 13, featuring Executive Producer Meredith Averill.

The preview opens where we ended last week, with a mortally wounded Roman (Matt Lanter) taking refuge in Emery Whitehill (Aimee Teegarden)'s family shed. "I'm calling the doctor," says Emery.

"Castor stabbed me with a blade coated in Atrian poison," responds Roman, his breathing labored. "Doctors can't help me."

So we're starting things out with some pretty high stakes for the episode — since Roman can't seek medical attention, the only thing that can save him is cyper, and we know from the episode trailer that Teri (Chelsea Gilligan) steps in to help. While we can figure out the outcome of Roman's poisoning in spoiler photos, we don't know the lengths Teri and Emery go, or the sacrifices they make in the process.

And then there's, as Drake (Greg Finley) says on Monday, "the Trag that float-jacked" Grayson (Gray Damon). Meredith confirms what we already suspected: "The Trags are planning to detonate a Suvek in the middle of Mardi Gras, in the middle of the parade. So all our kids have to ban together to try to stop them."

While whatever happens on Monday won't make up for not getting a second season, it sounds like we're in for a thrillride. Watch the preview below!

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