Bachelorette 10 Episode 3 & 4 Hot Mess of the Week: Andi Dorfman
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The Bachelorette

Bachelorette 10 Episode 3 & 4 Hot Mess of the Week: Andi Dorfman

For the most part, Andi Dorfman breezed through this week's double episode of The Bachelorette like the gorgeous future Stepford Wife that she is. Unfortunately, her cheerful demeanor totally stahhhped during cocktail hour 2.0, and thus began her quick descent into hot-messiness — emphasis on the hot.

Long story short, Andi doesn't handle criticism well, and lost it completely when Eric Hill dared to imply that she was faking it for the cameras. Keep in mind that Eric told Andi this in the sweetest of ways (and made sure to muse on how much he enjoyed spending time with her), but homegirl just could not even with his harsh words. She was finger-wagging him with her eyes, guys. If the cameras weren't rolling, we're fairly certain she would have attacked him with a million rose thorns.

Fortunately for Eric, a terrified fleet of cameramen were documenting Andi's reaction, and she was forced to rein in her rage. By which we mean kick Eric out for daring to question her, and then yell at his fellow contestants even though they hadn't committed any crimes. Well, other than Josh Murray, who committed a crime against humanity by wearing that tartan scarf.

Anyway, apparently Andi wanted everyone to know that she's super tired and exhausted (because dating two dozen men at once is extremely taxing), and we believe her line of defense was something along the lines of "I GO TO SLEEP SO LATE AT NIGHT." Amen, girl. We're, like, so crazy when we don't get eight hours of zz’s. (P.S. does Andi's defensiveness remind anyone else of that one time she was a lawyer before abandoning her job for a reality television career?)

In all seriousness — because we take The Bachelorette, like, really seriously — Andi needs to slow her roll and be open to the fact that some of her boyfriends might question her motives. We're not sure that Eric deserved to be deflowered for opening up about his feelings, but we are sure that Andi was a smokin' hot mess. And not just because she was sporting wedge sneakers.

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