Hot Mess of the Week: Juan Pablo Galavis is Probably “OK” With Winning
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The Bachelor

Hot Mess of the Week: Juan Pablo Galavis is Probably “OK” With Winning

Our feelings about Juan Pablo Galavis' behavior during this week's double-episode of The Bachelor can be summed up in one unitelligable musing: asdhjskhjskdhak. Sure, El Bachelor flawlessly traipsed around the homes of Nikki Ferrell, Clare Crawley, Andi Dorfman, and Renee Oteri in a casual cut-off sweater while we swooned over the sensual way he says "ayyyy," but uno momento por favor. Let's fast forward to Andi's overnight date, a terrifying time in which Juan Pablo had some major shade thrown his way, and earned the title of Hot Mess of the Week.

Our biggest gripe with Juan Pablo during his overnight with Andi wasn't the fact that he wouldn't stop talking about himself, his constant "name dropping," or the fact that he brought up his overnight date with Clare — it was his refusal to take responsibility for his actions. Juan Pablo wouldn't even consider the possibility that Andi might have a point, and instead dismissed her concerns by saying "OK" over and over again. Nope, nope, nope, muchacho.

A more reflective Bachelor may have taken a moment to ponder Andi's musings, but Juan Pablo didn't seem willing to reflect on his actions in the Fantasy Suite at all. For example, when Andi pointed out that Juan Pablo doesn't even know her religion (let alone her views on politics and social issues), Juan Pablo simply "OK'd" his way out of the conversation.

Even more troubling is that our beloved Juanny didn't seem upset that Andi was leaving. Considering that this beautiful gal made it to Juan Pablo's final three, you'd think he would have an emotional reaction to her departure. Instead, Juan Pablo had zero effs to give, which makes us concerned about his relationships with Clare and Nikki. Are his feelings for these ladies truly strong, or will he cast them aside if they question his actions like Andi did?

So many things to think about tonight as we write in our journal, by which we mean our erotic fan fiction novel, tentatively titled 50 Shades of Chris Harrison.