Hot New Workouts That Will Get You in Shape in 2013
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Hot New Workouts That Will Get You in Shape in 2013

We’ve eaten our way through the holidays and sadly, it’s starting to show all over. Fortunately, there are tons of fitness trends to try in the New Year, so we’re throwing on our cutest Lulu Lemon and hitting the gym for the latest and greatest in calorie burning fitness!

This hybrid of Pilates and boxing is a super-trendy workout for Hollywood celebs, but now all us regular peeps can tone and sculpt too. Developed by a woman with a drool-worthy piloxing bod, this workout is definitely aimed to help the ladies kick ass, while getting their butts into shape.

Masala Bhangra
It might sound like a delicious dish, but masala actually means “spicy” in Hindi (so we’re not far off with the food reference) and Bhangra is a traditional dance from India. Word trivia aside, we’re totally into this fun Bollywood dance craze that’ll give us belly dance-worthy abs in no time.

As moms, we have no time to waste. We want results and we want them now…or at least before bikini season. So we’re hot for HIIT — high-intensity interval training that combines short bursts of intense exercise with short breaks in between. It’s efficient and fun — two very good things when it comes to workouts!

Juicy Athletic Moves
This high-energy, dance-party workout is said to wake up the body, mind, and soul. After the holidays, we could use a good wake-up call, not to mention a blast to our abs. Need some motivation? According to Shape, rock star Pink uses JAM to get her killer bod. So yes, we’d say it works.

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