#RichKids of Beverly Hills, a new E! reality series that takes you inside the glamorous lives of some of Beverly Hills’s hottest and wealthiest, premieres on January 19. In preparation, we’re taking a moment to get to know all five of the show’s central cast members. First, there was socialite extraordinaire Dorothy Wang. Now, get ready to meet her bestie, Morgan Stewart.

Billed as the “Dionne” to Dorothy’s “Cher” — and you’d better not be Clueless as to which classic 1995 Alicia Silverstone movie we’re referencing — Morgan is a millionaire 25-year-old socialite known for her wild child ways. If there’s a party, she’ll be there. But she might just need a bit of help from her friends if the night takes an, um, unpredictable turn.

Morgan is currently dating fellow cast member Brendan Fitzpatrick. When she’s not busy out and about being fabulous, Morgan is probably blogging for her site, Boobs & Loubs. (Tagline: For the girl creating her own future...For the boy who digs boobs.)

Keep up with all the details of her glamorous life by reading B&L, or by following her on Twitter @Morgan_Stewart and on Instagram @boobsandloubs_. But be prepared for plenty of glam selfies. Because... obvs.

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