8 Films Featuring Shirtless Ryan Gosling (VIDEO)
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Ryan Gosling

8 Films Featuring Shirtless Ryan Gosling (VIDEO)

Hey girl. What are you doing for Ryan Gosling's birthday? That's a silly question: Baby Goose movie marathon!

The Gos turns 33 today (November 12, 2013), and like a fine wine, he only gets better with age. Since he's pretty selective about which projects he takes on, most films with Ryan are going to be good — but one can only watch so many movies in a day.

We're going to help you narrow your list down by letting you know where those abs are when you need ‘em. You're welcome.

Gangster Squad (2013)

Ryan stars opposite Sean Penn, Josh Brolin, and Nick Nolte in this film about a Los Angeles-based gang of detectives seeking to take down organized crime. While there’s only one shirtless scene — as co-star Emma Stone decried in an interview with MTV — any movie with a shirtless Ryan in it is more than worth the rental fee.

The Place Beyond the Pines (2012)

This movie opens with a tracking shot of shirtless Ryan walking around a crowded fairground, which apparently led to a lot of outtakes where extras kept staring at his hot bod. But this film could've been even better!

Biggest mistake director Derek Cianfrance has ever made: deleting the scene in The Place Beyond the Pines where the Gos strips down to his little blue briefs. Because seriously.

Forgetting shirtless Ryan for a second: if you have a low tolerance for violence, this might not be the film for you. But if you don't mind a ton of blood and punching — and you want to see a bunch of Ryan's super-buff arms covered in fake tattoos — go for it.

Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011)

The Holy Grail of shirtless Ryan Gosling films, our favorite hottie shows off his goodies a few times — including one scene where only Steve Carrell’s head separates us from Ryan in his birthday suit. (JUST MOVE YOUR HEAD, STEVE!)

Ryan plays Jacob, a hot, 30something wingman to Cal, an awkward, fortysomething divorcee played by Steve. As he helps Cal learn to pick up women, Jacob gets a love interest of his own, and learns that there's more to life than using his hot, sexy body to have sex with other hot, sexy people.

Ryan said that he "did a lot of exercising" for the role. And it paid off! As Emma Stone's character says in the film, "you look like you're Photoshopped!"

All Good Things (2010)

8 Films Featuring Shirtless Ryan Gosling (VIDEO)

Ryan strips down to his tighty-whities and jumps in a lake. Little is left to the imagination.

The plot is a little less sunshine and rainbows. All Good Things is based on the Robert Durst murder mystery, with Ryan playing the main character… suspected of killing his wife, played by Kirsten Dunst.

Ryan's character, David, is understandably not a likeable person in this film, something that he's actually pretty uncomfortable with. But his abs play a main role, so if you're looking for a shirtless Baby Goose, this film delivers.

Fracture (2007)

In the film itself, there's a couple of brief glimpses of Ryan without his shirt on. And while Ryan does get shirtless and get busy… the moment of movie magic is in a deleted scene.

"We shot this amazing, hot sex scene," said co-star Rosamund Pike. "And they cut it out because they thought it was too distracting. I guess it will be on the DVD extras."

Well, that's one way to get people to buy DVDs.

The Notebook (2004)

8 Films Featuring Shirtless Ryan Gosling (VIDEO)
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That scene with Ryan Gosling's wet button-down while he kisses Rachel McAdams in the rain gets all the glory, but when Ryan washes Rachel's hair all naked in the bathtub?

We're dead. Just dead.

United States of Leland (2003)

Ryan plays the titular Leland, who's spending time in a juvenile detention center after killing an intellectually disabled boy in his community — a crime that he and the surrounding characters spend the whole film trying to understand. Kind of a weird one (and super depressing), but young Ryan's abs do make a cameo.

The Believer (2001)

The Believer is an incredibly intense drama; Ryan plays a Jewish Neo-Nazi, loosely based on the real life case of Dan Burros. But he does take his shirt off and lift weights, so there's that.

Available on YouTube here, or as a DVD rental.

HONORABLE MENTION: Only God Forgives (2013)

While we didn't notice any shirtless scenes in this flick, Only God Forgives gets an honorable mention for how he spent so much time training for the role without a shirt on, as evidenced by the below video of him boxing shirtless. He also looks cute when he's beat up. #sorrynotsorry

Did we miss any juicy Gos films? Let us know your favorites in the comments!

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