Who’s the Hottest Atlanta Housewife? The Husbands Weigh In (VIDEO)
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Who’s the Hottest Atlanta Housewife? The Husbands Weigh In (VIDEO)

Oooh, those sneaky producers at Bravo really know how to stir up trouble! During the May 18 “Husbands Revealed” episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, the spotlight was on those outspoken Househusbands, and they were asked to answer some provocative questions… away from the prying eyes of their famous wives. One such question: Who is the hottest Housewife, not including your wife?

Surprisingly, the men had no issue opening up on the subject — no matter what their ladies were probably thinking after the scene aired. Kicking things off was Cynthia Bailey’s man Peter Thomas, who has never had an issue with speaking his mind.

“We’re not saying who’s the smartest, right?” Peter asks. But then Phaedra Parks’s husband Apollo Nida jumps in with, “you know who’s a nice piece?” Peter, clearly looking out for his friend (who has been in deep water for his flirtation with Kenya Moore), tells Apollo to keep his mouth shut.

“No, I got somebody in mind… Lisa Wu,” Apollo votes, and Peter agrees, “Lisa Wu’s a bad chick.” Easy answer, though, as Lisa hasn’t been on RHoA since Season 2! And Gregg Leakes also, classily concedes, “I would agree that Lisa Wu was a very nice-looking girl.”

But Peter has another current co-star in mind: Porsha Williams. “Porsha’s not the brightest, but Porsha’s a bad chick,” he admits, as Bravo rolls footage of the youngest current Housewife twerking on the bus in Mexico. Funnily enough, the normally soft-spoken Todd Tucker is also a big fan of the former Mrs. Kordell Stewart.

“I’m gonna say Porsha. Then, I’m gonna say Porsha. Then, I’m gonna say Porsha again,” Kandi Burruss’s now-hubby gushes. Jeesh, Todd. Don’t you know you’re going to have to see Porsha again soon?

“If I were single… I would marry none of them, though,” Mr. Thomas adds. Ha! You won us over there, Peter.

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