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The Hottest Celebrity Dads — Happy Father’s Day, Indeed! (PHOTOS)

Father's day comes but once a year, so what better time to celebrate our favorite crazy-hot guys that just happen to also be fathers? Some of the finest Hollywood dudes have reproduced... and it's no wonder. Would you turn down a little baby-making with these guys? (Probably not.)

David Beckham has a whole brood with Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham ;— and naturally, their children are just as impossibly beautiful as they both are. Brad Pitt, whose name is basically synonymous with "hot," became a dad when he adopted partner Angelina Jolie's children in 2006, shortly before the birth of the couple's third child, daughter Shiloh... and now, the Jolie-Pitt brood includes a whopping six kids. And sometimes, hot dads come in pairs, as with Neil Patrick Harris and fiance David Birtka, who have a super-adorable pair of twins.

We'll be here if any of them want a father's day drink, or massage, or whatever. In the meantime, click through to start the gallery!