New Housewife Joyce Giraud Stars in Siberia, a Summer TV Thriller
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

New Housewife Joyce Giraud Stars in Siberia, a Summer TV Thriller

Can’t wait until the fall to see new Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member Joyce Giraud on the small screen? Early fans of the rumored new Housewife can catch the Puerto Rican beauty on TV starting July 1 on NBC!

Joyce stars in the “reality” thriller Siberia, which pits 16 strangers against one another in the desolate Russian territory to compete for $500,000. The 13-episode show is being touted as a cross between Lost and Survivor, with contestants braving a series of challenges designed to test their survival skills. But a horrible accident makes everyone question whether what’s happening is the whim of the producers, or whether the unforgiving landscape they’re traversing has turned against them.

If this show seems a bit too dark and dangerous to be true, you’re absolutely right. Siberia is actually a scripted series made to look like a reality show. Joyce Giraud plays Carolina, a bartender from Colombia and one of the 16 eager contestants participating in this dangerous race. The other 15 adventurers are also played by actors in what NBC hopes viewers will find to be a cleverly crafted (and terrifying) homage to reality TV.

Wondering how Joyce landed this unique television role? Turns out her husband, producer Michael Ohoven, is the lead executive producer on Siberia.

Curious TV fans can watch the full pilot episode of Siberia on Hulu.

Source: Variety, Hulu