How Are Ali Fedotowsky and Kaley Cuoco Friends?
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How Are Ali Fedotowsky and Kaley Cuoco Friends?

Let's be honest, most of the contestants on ABC's The Bachelor and The Bachelorette enjoy their 15 minutes of fame (by which we mean 1,500 hours because the show is endless) and move on with their lives. But some Bachelor Nation alums have successfully cashed in on reality stardom and taken their celebrity to the next level. Naturally, we're talking about Ben Flajnik. Just kidding, LOL, we're talking about super-lovable, incredibly down-to-earth Ali Fedotowsky, who's currently rubbing elbows with Hollywood's biggest stars and starlets on E! News –– including Big Bang Theory bombshell Kaley Cuoco!

Ali and Kaley are total besties, and have been spending more time together than ever in the past couple years. Want proof? Simply feast your eyes on this handy breakdown of their hang sessions.

October 2013: Kaley Gets Engaged, Ali Spills The Deets

Kaley shocked Big Bang Theory nerds the world over when she got engaged to her husband, Ryan Sweeting, and Ali took time out of her busy schedule of best friendship to dish on their fast-tracked love connection. "I actually think it's super romantic," Ali told E!. "They met, they fell in love. Friends of both their families have known each other for a really long time, so they feel like they've known each other forever. It's romantic!"

November 2013: Ali and Kaley Party In Palm Springs

The best part of a wedding is the bridal shower, and it sounds like Kaley's was a blast. At least judging from the gazillion photos of her and her besties (including Ali!) that hit the internet. Kaley and Ali partied in Palm Springs to celebrate the upcoming nuptials, and basically spent their time day drinking, night drinking, and lounging in the pool. In other words, we are jealous.

How Are Ali Fedotowsky and Kaley Cuoco Friends?
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November 2013: Ali Hits Kaley's Bridal Shower

Kaley held an intimate "pre-holiday party" bridal shower and yep, Ali was right by her side. Not only that, but their mutual friend, Mean Girls' Lacey Chabert, was also in attendance at the soiree! And it goes without saying that everyone involved looked super glam. But no one was wearing pink because obviously it wasn't a Wednesday.

January 2014: Ali Attends Kaley's Wedding To Ryan Sweeting

Kaley and Ryan tied the knot over New Year's Eve, and you better believe Ali was right by her side. This former Bachelorette told E! that Kaley's wedding was one of the best nights of her life, saying "Oh my gosh, it was the most incredible, beautiful wedding I have ever been to. There was so much love during the ceremony. I was in tears, my boyfriend was in tears, just hearing them profess their love for each other — they're the real deal." Sounds like the event was unmissable. Too bad we missed it.

How Are Ali Fedotowsky and Kaley Cuoco Friends?
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January 2014: Ali and Kaley Attend Lacey Chabert's Wedding

Apparently January is the most romantic month of the year, because another BFF from Ali and Kaley's friend group got married. Lacey Chabert tied the knot on January 3rd, and presumably every seating card at her bridal table said "you CAN sit with us." Get it? Cus' Mean Girls jokes.

January 2014: Ali and Kaley Share A Group Makeout Session

This dynamic duo had a romantic dinner at Craig's in West Hollywood, and couldn't resist making out. You know, with their man-friends. Kaley posted a picture of the three-way smooch to Instagram with the caption "Yea. We are totally in high school. Totally.... #craigsmakeoutsesh." And yes — that is Haylie Duff getting in on the action with partner Matt Rose. Good times.

How Are Ali Fedotowsky and Kaley Cuoco Friends?
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July 2014: Andi and Kaley Party in Mexico, Look Better Than Your Faves

Ali spent Independence day frolicking around the beaches of Mexico with her pal Kaley, as well as 8 Simple Rules actress Amy Davidson. The occasion? Just some A-lister fun — plus the birthdays of both Ali's boyfriend, Kevin Manno, and Kaley's husband, Ryan Sweeting. No big deal, it's how we celebrate our birthdays every year.

Are you as obsessed with Ali and Kaley's friendship as we are? Weigh in below!