How Candace Cameron Bure Is Staying Fit After Dancing With the Stars
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Dancing With The Stars

How Candace Cameron Bure Is Staying Fit After Dancing With the Stars

Candace Cameron Bure may not have been a dancer when she started Dancing With the Stars Season 18, but she basically had the body of one. This 38-year-old mother of three has always been fit, but how is she planning to keep her new, even slimmer post-Dancing With the Stars body?

Candace recently chatted with Style List about her fitness routine and DWTS, explaining that while she came out of the show weighing about the same as she did when she went in, "[her] body is so much leaner" and "[her] waist and arms are a lot smaller."

Candace said her goal is to maintain what she has. She loved dancing, so she's going to make it part of her regular fitness routine. "I have to find the right type of dance classes or even cardio barre," she explained. "I was talking to [my DWTS partner] Mark Ballas and he was saying that I should go to a real dance studio and find a partner. You don't have to compete to learn a routine and he says you'll sweat it out for an hour and be really tired by the end."

We love it when stars come away from the show with a newfound love of dance. Let’s hope Candace finds the perfect class for her!

Source: Style List

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