How Did Chelsea Houska’s Daughter Get So Big? (PHOTO)
Credit: Chelsea Houska on Instagram    

Chelsea Houska

How Did Chelsea Houska’s Daughter Get So Big? (PHOTO)

Well the cute meter is off the charts with this adorable pic of Teen Mom 2's Chelsea Houska’s wee daughter Aubree — who’s not so wee anymore! It seems like just yesterday we were watching Aubree grow in her momma’s belly. Fast-forward to today and she’s 5 years old now — can you believe how big and ladylike she is now? Oh how the time flies! Sigh.

The cute photo was posted to Chelsea’s Instagram on April 25, and although we always love reminders of how adorable our Teen Mom tots are — despite their often questionable parentage — we can’t help but be a tot-sized bit suspicious of the timing of this post to her social media accounts.

Is Chelsea trying to use her highly photogenic protege as a distraction from the onslaught of negative media coverage she’s received as of late? After all, it was just a few days ago that she went on national television to drop the bomb that she hooked up with ex Adam Lind while Taylor Halbur was pregnant with Adam’s second baby girl. Oh, the drama!

Whatever the reason behind the timing of the photo, we can’t help but adore the look little Aubree is rockin' — just look at those sunglasses and top knot! Of course, we shouldn't be surprised over this girl's fashion sense. She is no stranger to being fashion forward, just take a look at some of her adorable looks for proof. Work it, girl!

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