How Did Shahs of Sunset’s Mercedes “MJ” Javid Lose 20 Pounds? The Sex Diet!
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Shahs of Sunset

How Did Shahs of Sunset’s Mercedes “MJ” Javid Lose 20 Pounds? The Sex Diet!

It sounds more fun than Atkins, that’s for sure.

Shahs of Sunset star Mercedes "MJ" Javid is no stranger to sexy selfies — you may recall her Kim Kardashian bathing suit spoof, and she told Wetpaint Entertainment she planned to start sharing more revealing photos of herself.

Well, TMZ shared pics of MJ from a recent swimsuit shoot, and you may have noticed that there’s less of her to show. She told the site she wasn’t Photoshopped in the pics, she really has lost 20 pounds — and she did it through (as TMZ put it) “lots and lots of sex!”

She found a great weight loss recipe with this sex diet, saying the more pounds she lost, the more sex she had, and the more sex she had, the more calories she burned and the more weight she dropped. Rinse. Repeat.

In the fine print, she added that she also cut back on hard partying and boozing, and that helped with the weight loss. But she’s going to keep up with her sex diet because, as she joked, "I'm too pretty to be fat."

That’s not quite the all women should feel sexy at any size message she was sharing last year, but … if losing weight makes her healthy and happy, good for her. And hopefully she’s found a good partner for this sex diet. Wouldn’t you love to convince Ian Somerhalder or one of the guys from The Walking Dead or True Blood to start “dieting” with you?

Source: TMZ