How Did Revenge’s Victoria Grayson Recognize Her Son Patrick?
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How Did Revenge’s Victoria Grayson Recognize Her Son Patrick?

Last time we checked, Revenge’s Victoria Grayson hadn't seen her long-lost love child, Patrick, since she handed him over to that random nun back in the ‘70s. And let's not forget that the little dude was only a few months old at the time!

Yet, for reasons that haven't been explained, Victoria answered her front door and immediately recognized Patrick. In fact, the sight of his face caused her to dramatically drop a wine glass in the slowest motion ever. We know Victoria has strong maternal instincts, but we're finding it hard to believe that she'd be able to pick her kiddo out of a lineup. Our sleuthy conclusion? This wasn't Queen V's first run-in with adult Patrick.

Victoria has plenty of secrets hidden up her couture sleeves, and we're starting to wonder if she and Patrick have been in prior communication. Who knows, maybe she's been providing for him throughout his entire life! Either way, something fishy is going down –– and we're not just talking about the fact that Montauk's entire population of lobsters have committed mass suicide in response to Declan's untimely death.

Do you think there's more to Victoria's relationship with her son than meets the eye? Hit the comments and tell us what you think!

05.21.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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