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How Did Sybil Die? 3 Weird Fan Questions, Answered

Wetpaint Entertainment is here to set the record straight on matters related to your favorite Downton Abbey characters and stars — from Sybil's tragic death to Allen Leech's family tree.

Using our Internet wiles, we grabbed some of the most burning queries made to Google, Bing, and more hoping to shed light on some hot topics. Get some answers below!

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Are Dan Stevens and Michelle Dockery Friends?

How Did Sybil Die? 3 Weird Fan Questions, Answered
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While Lady Mary and Matthew may have been separated by his tragic death on Downton, Michelle Dockery (Lady Mary Crawley) and Dan Stevens (Matthew Crawley) are totally friends — although they don't see each other as much as they used to.

"I’m not mourning Dan like Lady Mary is for her husband, but I do miss him," Michelle told The Daily Mail. "We had become close and it has seemed strange without him."

They're not just apart because of Dan's departure from the show, though — he's now living in New York! Co-stars Allen Leech (Tom Branson), Hugh Bonneville (Earl of Grantham Robert Crawley), and others even went to visit him recently. From what it sounds like, they're all still buds with Dan, even if he cut ties with the series.

What Did Sybil Die Of?

How Did Sybil Die? 3 Weird Fan Questions, Answered
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Lady Sybil Crawley's tragic death after giving birth to her and Tom Branson's daughter was one of the saddest moments of Season 3. But what killed her? Sadly, Sybil has a lot of company in her cause of death, as it's the number one cause of pregnancy-related fatalities in the world: eclampsia.

In the modern U.S. we hear more about preeclampsia, but that's because monthly prenatal visits are now common practice. If left untreated, the condition can lead to eclampsia, marked by the onset of seizures. The only cure for preeclampsia is delivering the baby — but since tissues, like the placenta, still remain in the mother after childbirth, 80 percent of deaths from the condition actually occur after childbirth, as with Sybil. The closest thing to a "cure" we have for eclampsia is administering magnesium sulphate to prevent or stop seizures.

Despite Downton being set almost a century ago, Sybil's country doctor was still able to know what was up, and if Dr. Clarkson had performed an emergency operation as he'd suggested, he might've been able to save her. And to think we were almost over crying about this particular storyline!

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Are Allen Leech and Niall Horan Related?

Allen Leech does totally look like One Direction's Niall Horan — but are they related? Even those that didn't notice the resemblance got thrown for a loop when Allen made a shocking "admission" on Watch What Happens Live in December 2013.

"He's my son," Allen said, pretending to be serious. "I had him really young. I had the choice to give him to the circus or a boy band, I chose a boy band. He's done much better there because his backflips are terrible."

In case it wasn't totally clear, or you only saw spoof headlines: Allen was making a joke. The pair aren't related; Niall's real dad's name is Bobby. We totally see the resemblance, though!

How Did Sybil Die? 3 Weird Fan Questions, Answered
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