The Originals Burning Question: How Did Tyler Make a Hybrid Without a Doppelganger?
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The Originals

The Originals Burning Question: How Did Tyler Make a Hybrid Without a Doppelganger?

There were some serious supernatural shenanigans happening on the most recent episode of The Originals Season 1, Episode 7 (“Bloodletting”) and we’re here to sort through them for you. Chief amongst the confusion: How was Tyler able to make a hybrid without a doppelganger’s blood? We outline our understanding and speculation regarding the bloody procedure below.

Hybrids 101

A hybrid is a part werewolf, part vampire super-creature, more powerful than most of their vampire and werewolf cousins as they are able to walk in the sun without a daylight ring and can control their transformation into wolf-form. The most powerful examples of a hybrid is Klaus, aka the original hybrid. He eventually turned werewolf Tyler into a vampire, creating his first successful hybrid.

How to make a hybrid or so we thought...

Before last night’s episode, every hybrid ever made (aside from the original hybrid, Klaus) had been created using the same method: Klaus would feed existing werewolves his blood, then kill them. Because they died with Klaus’s hybrid blood in their system, they would reawaken as hybrids in transition. To complete the transition, they had to feed on the blood of a human doppelganger (i.e. Elena). Otherwise, they started crying blood and eventually died. Bummer.

Tyler’s method

In “Bloodletting,” Tyler created a hybrid using the blood of Hayley and Klaus’s unborn child. As the miracle baby is a hybrid, the transition was successful. What was surprising about the experiment, however, was that it appeared stable even without the blood of a doppelganger. How is this possible?

Theory #1: Super baby

We have yet to meet the Mikaelson super baby, but she seems pretty powerful. She has the ability to cure Hayley, as well as herself even when someone (i.e. Tyler) stabs Hayley in her pregnant stomach and draws the baby’s blood. Not cool, Ty! We’re guessing this is only the start of this baby’s super abilities. It’s possible that as this baby is some form of uber-hybrid, she will be able to make hybrids without the aid of a doppelganger.

Theory #2: Hayley is a doppelganger

Last night, Hayley finally found a clue to her family’s history: a book with her family tree in it. The last name on the list, Andrea, shares her birthday. Hayley assumes this means that she is Andrea, but what if she is wrong? We have encountered doppelgangers before on TVD (understatement). They are explained as the universe’s way of balancing for an unnatural creation, i.e. an immortal life. Could Hayley be some form of doppelganger? If so, that would explain why Tyler was able to successfully create a hybrid. By using the baby’s hybrid blood and Hayley’s doppelganger blood, he created a stable hybrid.

Why do you think Tyler was successful in creating a hybrid? Share your theories in the comments below!

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